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I'm drinking milk right now + some other things

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Back when I was seven, I decided that I hated milk, and stopped drinking it on a regular basis. I've gone on to still drink it occasionally over the past 15 years since. Then today, I diapered myself and grabbed Mr. Bunny from off my desk. This time I felt like something was missing.

I decided that I was going to pour some milk into the closest thing I could find to a baby bottle and drink it out of that. I remembered that there was an old plastic liquid container with a cover in one of the kitchen cabinets. I figured that would work perfectly.

So in shirt and diaper, I took Mr. Bunny with me downstairs and filled that container with milk. I fastened the cover and went back upstairs to my room. Then I grabbed my laptop, logged onto ADISC and started drinking my milk.

I'm so relaxed in my little space right now. I've also got my fan on full blast for this hot summer day. So let me enjoy it while I can. Until my next post.

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