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The Big British Breakfast Blog Entry #2: Fursona Making Then & Now

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Good morning littles and gentlecubs!

Huge thanks to the members that commented in the previous entry: Marka and Starrunner. I love reading replies 'cause lately I'm such a social pup. Starrunner was also kind to point out that there is a Suicide Prevention Help Lines thread in the Article/About ADISC folders, so please check that out if you or you know anyone going through depression or having suicidal thoughts. Cheers guys.

Today I might come off as self-serving because I'm just talking about things going on in my life or in my head, kinda like if I had a gaming YT channel. Not sure what game I'd have in the background.

Oh man, I am having so much fun with the fursona creation threads, I feel like a kid again when I was making Sonic OCs, damn sure I've still got the old art somewhere. Very shy about it though and the only people to even see those pics are my elder brother and sister. And they were made many moons ago so it's quite strange to see artwork from my ten year old self, really shows how far I've come.

I've never had a babyfur sona so that part I'm a lil new with but I've had a look at some threads on here so I've seen some examples and I really wanna get back to making one now so this entry's going to be even shorter than the last XD . I love anything with cuteness value to it

And if I don't have a profile pic before next week, I'm gonna set a doge meme on it instead because not having a profile pic really sucks. (first world problems!)

All thoughts and feedback welcome on this blog.

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