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Diapers and 3 Pacis Have Arrived. Pacifiers Make Me Wet in My Sleep!? Modding Pacis? I Don't Want to Be Aroused!

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Hi all, Just another update to how things are going in my little space.

My diapers have arrived and the first pack of 12 are ready to wear (with the frontal tapes from huggies 1997/98 taped on). I also love the new pacis (the teats at least), but the shield seems a little too deep and big for me. I wouldn't mind to try and transfer the baby pants nipple (which was a surprise to see) from the pacis to another shield style (like MAM or NUK). I know the Nuk shields from the 18-36 months pacis fit my mouth, not sure about the MAM pacis though - got to do some research about that. By the way is there a topic on ADISC about modding Pacis?

In other news, I tried to sleep with my pacifier for the first time and it was a wild ride. Once I did get to sleep, I woke up 1 hour later with wet pants and a wet spot on my bed (softball sized). My unconscious mind must think I am still a baby with that loss of control while I am sucking on a paci, or else that accident wouldn't have happened. I should have had my padding on last night it seems. Accidents happen from miscalculations I guess!

I also caught myself being aroused at sucking a paci and/or being in diapers, which is odd because I do not look at being little in a sexual light. Maybe my unconscious mind wants me to be aroused by the feeling of a dry powdered diaper and sucking pacifiers. Any thoughts on this?

Anyway my last Paci and/or my Bottles and Onesies should be coming today so I should have the full stash soon.

Until Next Time,
Austin The Lionhearted


  1. Tommycombs's Avatar
    That's one reason I separate myself from the purely kink sex aspect of this because, putting the diaper issue aside for a moment, I get comfort and general positive feelings from many babyish aspects. I'm finding an instinct to suck my thumb if a paci isn't around. And my hair-petting and combing instinct that I associate with my ABDL side is another soother with no sexual drives. To me, this whole lifestyle is about being comfortable, happy, protected, and safe. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.