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After 6 months of frustration...

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Ever since I failed college I tried really hard to find myself a job. After 4 months of searching, I couldn't land a part-time job. So my job coach finds me a paid internship at Mercy Hospital and I sign up for the janitor position. Originally, I was supposed to start working on July 17, but they keep pushing the date back.

I also was getting inconvenient texts from my job coach about what I had to do to get started. I was at a pool party for the new interns at the start of the month. Then I had to take a drug test that became annoying because the doctor had mistaken me for a meth addict even though I'm on medication (they managed to fix it).

My job coach went on a week-long vacation, so I took that whole week to be in baby mode. When she came back, I had to take a physical test which I passed with exceeded results. Today I picked up my uniforms which are unisex scrubs. Sometime next week I gotta go to my interview and that's the last thing before I can start working. I start my internship on August 7 and I hope to god that doesn't get pushed back again. Not after what I had to do to get this far.

I would have given up on these annoyances had I not went into my headspace in between each event.

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