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Waiting For My New Stash to Come in the Mail! - Doing Some Prepwork While I'm Waiting....

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Hi all!
It has been a while since my last post so I am here to update you about my current events. The last week of classes in the summer semester is shaping up to be one of the best of this year. I have a B+ final grade in my Biology Class that is already done. I also have an A in my Literature class that will be done at the end of class Wednesday. My assignments should be done on time; as I have said in a previous blog post that the last Exam was a two part take home version of the original. Also my healing with my Counselor is going well (more of a therapist), but hey - he understands who I am on the inside (a 2-3 year old boy) and that is good enough for me. I haven't told him about my furry side yet because I am only halfway out of the fur closet. But enough about my adulting since I digressed already (To me it is boring compared to the following).......

Anyway, back to the main topic of my new stash. I ordered the new stash on Saturday after I confirmed that it was in the budget. I am expecting it to arrive from Jun 25th till August 1st. The contents of this large purchase of mine is as follows:
1. 1 case of 72 Large Tranquility ATN Briefs
2. Adult Pacifier 3 Pack (Light Blue, Black and Orange - Silicone)
3. Aww So Cute Brand Adult Pacifier (Nuk Style - Crystal Blue - Silicone)
4. Package of 4 Boys Universal Baby Pacifier Clips
5. 2 Baby Pants Brand Adult Baby Bottles (One in Adult Mickey Mouse Designs with Blue Top and the Other in Baby Mickey Designs with Blue Top - both in Silicone with Medium Flow Nipple)
6. 2 Baby Pants Brand Large Adult Onesies (One in Jungle Friends Nursery Print and the Other Solid Baby Blue - Both with shoulder snaps)

In preparation for the diapers, I have printed out and cut out the frontal designs (all variations) of Huggies 1997 (original style) and 1998 (baby steps line) made available thanks to pamperchu in bulk for all 72 diapers to be customized. I also randomized the designs so that I get totally random ones to put on each diaper. I now just need to wait and play a little bit on the Discord Chat (in both little and adult mode) until I get everything. That includes some virtual diapering in my little persona when it shrinks from adult mode. To all who don't want to virtually change my diapers while little me is in the front row, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

According to the emails from Amazon I should have three pacifiers and the clips by Tuesday and should get the last pacifier and the Baby Pants stuff by Thursday at the earliest and Saturday at the latest. The Diapers, unfortunately haven't shipped yet . I hope they arrive on time because I would love to try on my onesies while padded as soon as I get the onesies. I may even go total photo bug and take some pictures for your viewing pleasure and post them later.

In truth I haven't tried onesies or the Adult version of the pacifiers or bottles yet, but I have tried the largest available baby versions of the bottles and the pacifiers and liked them profusely. The only gripes I had with the baby pacifiers were that the teats weren't long enough and the shields, as a result, hurt my teeth while sucking. The Bottle was an entirely different story. The nipple was way too small (obviously) and the nipple flow rate was really slow - even after doing the needle trick. So yeah, I am really psyched up to get my stash that is in effect 10 times better than my old one. The caveat is also that I get to go 'little' in my dorm room and at home. I do have some questions about diaper modification with frontal designs which I will post in a separate thread to keep this post shorter.

So there you have it everyone, I am finally back in business! Let me know what you think about the new stash!

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