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Cthulhu's last day in London, day 7 (Thursday)

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So, the last day of my diaper adventure in London.
The Bambino Bellissimo that i wore to bed was, to my suprise, not very full at all. I guess the width in the crotch makes it super absorbent. I was gong to go to the Hampton court palace today, but the weather wasn't nice at all in the morning and midday (Partly rain). So i stayed in my room until about 12AM. I had a BM and then changed into an M4 before going to have breakfast.

I had some diaper supplies that i wasn't going to use (boosters, cream, bed guards and one pair of plastic pants (i have two of them, but will throw the other ones at the airport before my plane leaves)). So i put half of the stuff in a bag (too much otherwise) and threw it in a bin on the way to the restaurant. I ate the beef and mushroom pie again (third time), today i had time to finish eating unlike yesterday.
I didn't have a plan at all for today, so i looked up the way to Tower bridge and went there. I walked across and took some photos, then i took the subway back to the hotel. I watched an episode of GoT, and then got hungry again. So i looked up a couple sushi places. I put on a Tena, put the rest of the left over supplies in a bag and threw them in the same bin on the way to the restaurant. It was a bit fancier than i expected. I paid ''full price'' for a small meal, but it tasted fantastic. I didn't get properly full, so i looked up another sushi place and took the bus there.
It was in a huge mall, it took a while to find the place. I ended up buying a chicken tikka roll instead, but it was really good. I changed to a Tena and put on plastic pants in the mall before i left. It was late afternoon, so i went to the hotel because it felt like the day was basically over anyway, and i had nothing that i felt like doing. I watched some GoT, and changed into the last Betterdry after a while.
I took a break and bought Burger king. I was going to change out of the Betterdry when i went to Burger king because it's so thick and i had an obvious diaperbutt. I didn't care though, since it was my last night here anyway. I came back and watched another episode, changed into the last M4 and here i am. I'm leaving the hotel in a about two hours, i thought i would get some sleep before i leave.
It just hit me while i changed into the last M4, that i made it. My dream has come true, and it's been great. I just stood there for a good while and watched myself in the mirror, thinking about all this, and just realizing that this week is over that i have dreamt of experiencing for so long.
While the changing has gotten tiresome towards the end of the week, and carrying all the supplies around you in a backpack all the time is annoying, i haven't gotten tired of being padded. I am very happy that i have tried going 24/7, but i don't feel like doing it again for a while. I am still enjoying being diapered this moment, but on the whole it's a big deal to be 24/7, and it's very time consuming. When i take off the last Tena at the airport at about 7AM (yes i used all the diapers i bought, no more, no less), i will have worn diapers non-stop for 7 days, not using a toilet a single time. That's a big deal to me. Now i will pack the very last stuff in my bag and go to sleep. London has been great. Fred ut.


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    Glad it worked out so well! It sounds like the duration of the trip was a good match to your diaper desire; there's no point going on with it once it becomes a chore. I have yet to discover that threshold, as after a few years of fairly steady 24/7 changing is still fun and I don't resent the time or expense, nor has it put a damper on anything. You might find yourself planning another similar session fairly soon... - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.