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Cthulhu in London, day 6 (Wednesday)

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Today was the day that i ran out of thing to do in London. Things that i had planned at least. There were a couple mildly interesting things that i could go and see just to have something to do, so i thought i would do that. I changed into a Tena and plastic pants after the morning shower.
After yesterdays incident in the breakfast room, i didn't feel like eating there. So i went to a store nearby and bought a sandwich instead, and ate in my room. I had a BM in the store (don't worry, there were no smells), and had to walk back to the hotel in a messy diaper. I changed into an M4 as soon as i got back. I hung out in my room for a couple hours, looking up some things to do during the day. I settled for going to a couple car dealerships to look at cars, and maybe go to the Hampton court palace.
First i needed lunch, so i went to a restaurant very close to the hotel and had a delicious beef and mushroom pie. As soon as i started eating though, i just happened to see an instagram story about a Ferrari event with 70 Ferraris in one place! I hurried to finish my meal, but the cars were leaving soon so i didn't have time. I took the rest of the pie with me in a box and got to the event as quickly as i could.
I got there JUST before the cars started rolling out, and got some cool videos and photos :) When they were all gone i headed for a Ferrari dealership. Before i took the subway i needed to change, so i went into a cafe. Downstairs they had a couple handicap toilets (and no regular ones). When i opened my backpack i noticed that the pie had spilled out on my diaper supplies, but it wasn't that bad. I just washed the cream bottle and stuff, luckily the diapers were unharmed :) There was a guy sitting just outside, and i was being so loud with the tapes and plastic bags and stuff, i felt really weird. He didn't look at me when i got out though, perhaps he looked when i tripped going up the stairs haha.
I got to the Ferrari dealership and was very lucky, because they had two F1 cars there (one of them was Schumachers car) and the latest ''regular'' Ferrari. It was really cool getting up close to the F1 cars. I went to another dealership afterwards, but i couldn't find it. The GPS app must have got it in the wrong place. I didn't feel like running around town anymore, so i went back to the hotel and watched a couple episodes of Game of thrones (perfect way to spend your expensive time in London, haha).
Later i changed into a Tena with plastic pants, and went out to have dinner and a couple beers. I spotted my dream car though (super rare, you NEVER see those), so i spent so much time there that all restaurants closed haha, i just couldn't leave. This meant i had to get Mcdonalds...
I got to my room and put on a Bambino Bellissimo that Paxe gave me. Very nice diaper! I ate while watching more GoT, and went to sleep :)

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