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So apperently me and Candyman(Ellipsis) are e-dating. We know for sure that neither of us are pedos or anything, so that's good. It just sucks that we're on opposite ends of the country, but he plans on driving up here to WA one of these days.
Hmm, I've never e-dated anyone before, so this is a little weird for me.
Also, I am currently on the "Confused" side about my sexuality, but...I'm pretty sure I'm Bi, leaning twords the female side, seeing as Candyman is the only guy I've ever liked, and I know it's sad that it's over the internet, but hey, shit happens, ya know?
Anyways, just thought I'd let everyone know in a little more settle way than Candyman did. xD;


  1. Pojo's Avatar
    "seeing as Candyman is the only guy I've ever liked"

    Not what you told me ;D
  2. Boogeyman's Avatar
    Nah, she probably just be a little more polite you cow.
  3. Pojo's Avatar
    She said it before she even talked to you
  4. Boogeyman's Avatar
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