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Cthulhu in London, day 5 (Tuesday)

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I woke up before the alarm today, but went up just after 8AM. I took off the boosted Betterdry which wasn't even close to full, but it's nice with some thickness at night even if you don't need it :) I showered and put on an M4, and went down for breakfast. Halfway through my sandwich as i went to get some more juice, an ''accident'' happened that i won't describe in detail, but it didn't really go to plan. No one noticed in any way, but they might have wondered why i suddenly hurried out of the room before finishing my sandwich. I changed, showered again and prepared the trip to Windsor castle :)
Before i took the train, i bought some apparently way too big trashbags for the diapers, as well as some more wet wipes. I took the train to Slough, and then on to Windsor. I changed at the station/market before i went into the castle because i didn't know if there were toilets inside.

The castle and the cathedral inside it were the coolest things i have seen so far in England. The sheer size of it blew me away, and the insane amount of work put into decorating the inside and outside of the cathedral was mindblowing. I didn't really learn anything about any of it (i would feel so touristy taking a guided tour, especially by myself), but it was still a great experience. It took almost two hours to see everything.
When i got out i had some ice cream at a place just outside, and then checked out the streets below the castle, which i guess is the city central of Windsor. I ended up eating at a thai place, and buying a t-shirt and a sweatshirt. I went back to the station and changed at the same place, not because i really needed it but it's nice to change a bit more often when it's so hot outside. I got back to the hotel and hung out there for a couple hours.
I had been messaging with Paxe (another DL on this forum) about meeting up in London, since he/she lives here. I don't know if Paxe wants his/her gender to be known (not specified on the profile) so i won't write it. I felt a bit sceptical about meeting someone who knew about my DL side at first, but we decided to meet! None of us had met another DL before, so this was definately a new experience for both of us. We met in the evening and had a pizza, and talked about a couple shared interests including DL stuff of course.
After we ate he/she showed me his/her place, where we talked some more and traded a couple diapers. Paxe seemed like a really nice person, and it was really fun to meet up :) I went back to the hotel and tried on the ABU Lavender he/she gave me. I had never tried an ABDL diaper before. It's a very nice and poofy diaper, and the first one i've tried with single tapes and a plastic landing zone. It was very nice, i really liked the way it felt when wet, nothing like the medical diapers. I didn't like the single tapes though. I wore it all night, it was soaked when i got up this morning. I did like the prints on it (only tried medical diapers before like i said), and i thought it looked cute. I've never had any interest in ABDL prints before but i might get some myself in the future :) Thanks for the pizza and the diapers Paxe!


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    A pleasure. It's nice to meet people with shared interests no matter what those interests are. It might have been a bit odd if the only common ground was being DL, but from your previous posts it was clear there would be more than that to talk about. I'm lucky in having been able to share the DL fun with my partners over time, and not really had much of an impetus to meet up with other DLs just for the sake of it, especially as I am not into the AB scene. But as Cthulhu made a journey to within 5 miles of my doorstep, it seemed a fun idea just to say hello and welcome to London. Anyway, have a relaxing last evening here and safe journey home. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.