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Cthulhu in London, day 4 (Monday)

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I don't know how much attention these daily blogs get, but i'll write them for myself to look back on at least.

I got out of bed at 8AM again, it's a good time because breakfast closes at 9:30 and it takes about half an hour to shower and change out of the night diaper, and i eat really slowly so i'm usually finished at 9:30. As soon as i got out of bed i had a big BM, so it was definately time to change. I had a shower and put on a fresh diaper, i skipped the plastic pants though as i probably wouldn't need them for a few hours at least. I ate lots for breakfast and went up to my room. Today was sightseeing day I didn't have much of a plan, but i wanted to see the palace of Westminster and the Tower of London at least. I prepared my backpack with diaper supplies and some other things, put on plastic pants and clothes and headed for the subway. I went to the palace of Westminster first, and it was so incredibly cool! I absolutely love these old decorated castle-like buildings. And its HUGE! Sadly it's not open to the public. After that i went to the Tower of London, and that was about as cool as the palace. I walked around in there for a couple hours, just being so amazed at the whole place and taking pictures at every inch of the place, haha. The weather was so nice as well, so it was really a great day. I still had the rashes which were uncomfortable though, but i managed with some band-aids over them. After that i looked at my list of things to see, and i had Westminster abbey there. It's right next to the palace of Westminster, but i forgot to check it out while there. I took the subway to Westminster station and changed there. The toilets there were so much better than the ones at Green park where i was the day before. Westminster abbey was really cool too. I felt like seeing some cool cars before i went to the hotel, so i went to Sloane street/Harrods/Mclaren again. There were some nice ones, but i was really there at the wrong time to see the truly special ones. It didn't take long until i got tired from walking all day, so i headed towards the hotel. I took the wrong subway train twice, so it took ages to get there. Once i finally got there i had a shower and put on a fresh diaper. I chilled out in my room until about 10:30PM. I thought it would be nice to see the city at night, so i went to Picadilly Circus. I put on a black pair of slim fit jeans which makes for a total unibutt, but they were black and it was dark outside so it wasn't a problem. Plus they hold the diaper in place really well. There wasn't much to see there (what's the big deal with that place?), but the surrounding streets were nice to walk around on and listen to some music. I went back to the hotel about an hour later. I did the usual evening routine (shower, put on cream and a Betterdry with booster) and went to bed.

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