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Took Monday Off by Accident, Plans for Going Big on the 'Little' Space

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My Monday was fantastic to say the least. Despite waking up with a wet spot on my darned sheets again, I went to school to find out that the final exam has been replaced by a two part take-home test consisting of a 800-1000 word essay and a assignment to create a 5 question exam and from those 5 questions answer four of them with 50 word responses of how you would expect the students to answer them to get it correct. I also recalculated my school book budget and found a small sum of $200-230 that I can use to get back some of the things I purged two years ago. My Tuesday was a mixed bag. I spent the morning cleaning up another wet spot and preparing for my Biology Final (Finally its done!). Because I studied, It only took me roughly and hour to do. Only time will tell If I passed the exam or not.

Back to my plans for continuing my little space:
I plan to get a case of 72 Tranquility ATN (brief style) diapers along with 4 silicone pacifiers (3 pack of black, pale blue and terracotta from little for big and 1 aww so cute blue Nuk style) + 4 pacifier clips, 2 Silicone Nuk style Bottles (1 with Baby Mickey and the other with Grown-up Mickey), and 2 Baby Pants Onesies (1 Jungle Friends and 1 Blue Solid with shoulder snaps). I plan to modify the fronts of the ATNs with Pamperchu's printable Huggies Frontal Tapes (1990s) so that I would get the babyish vibe since the printed ones from ABU are $50 more expensive for just 8 diapers more per case. The reason why I went with 2-4 of everything is that I am going to split my little space between home and my personal single-efficiency dorm at school.

I also continued working on the next Chapter of "Kindergarten Wunderland". I am just about to finish writing the chapter and as such it will be posted to the story forum soon.

Until Next Time. Stay Padded, stay 'little' and stay 'you' my friends.

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