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Cthulhu in London, Day 3 (Sunday)

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I got out of bed at about 8AM, The night diaper (Betterdry with booster) wasn't very wet at all, but i took it off, bagged it and went into the shower. I shaved my diaper area in the shower, you really don't want those short hairs irritating down there when you wear diapers all day. I put on cream, an M4 and plastic pants and went down to have breakfast. I finished and went to my room to prepare for the last day of the event. I took the subway there (it's so hot in the London subway! It felt like i filled my diaper with sweat haha), and i had a great time at the event. I was there a couple hours before i went out to eat. I ate at Subway today also, but i took the baguette with me and went for a walk around the London eye and across the water while i ate. As i walked up the stairs on the way back on the bridge, i noticed that my backpack had pulled my shirt up in the back... Lots of people walked behind me, so someone must have seen the plastic pants and my daperbutt. I just pulled the shirt down as soon as i noticed and was happy that it didn't happen around people i knew! On the way back to the event i had a BM while waiting at a traffic light, so i had to find somewhere to change. I was really close to the hotel, but i didn't want to change a messy diaper there because people would recognise me from the day before. I used the toilet at a fancy hotel nearby, which meant the toilet was separate and really clean and nice. I got changed and went back to the event. Afterwards i went to see some nice cars around Harrods (that's where the Saudi guys drive around in circles to show off their cars basically). I walked all the way there to see some of the city on the way. This is when i got rashes on my thighs from all the chafing and hot weather/hot pee. By the time i got to Hyde park it hurt pretty bad, so i went into the subway toilets (bad choice, worst toilets i've seen). I just aired out for a while and removed the plastic pants. Then i realised that i had to put cream on the rashes and change to a plastic,backed diaper that didn't chafe as much, so i found a nicer toilet to change at. It felt ok to walk after that. I took the bus the rest of the way because walking was too painful and the rashes were never going to heal if i kept walking. I enjoyed watching the cars and taking photos, but i had to get back to the hotel after barely an hour because i just had to let the rashes heal. I took the bus to Pizza hut first and ate there. Then i took the bus to a street near the hotel. I bought some wet wipes there, and some band-aids (?) to put over the rashes so the diaper doesn't chafe against my skin. I chilled out in my room a few hours, changed into a Betterdry with booster and plastic pants and went to sleep

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