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Now before anyone go's off on a rant about how good babyfur dot me is and how terrable of a furry I am for bringing it up let me explain.
Yes Babyfur dot me is a good place and is painted with gold and opertunities to meet other babyfurs online and see some amazing artwork.

What I am telling you to be wary of is that they is a feature where you can share pictures and photos. (How on earth was they going to shear there amazing artwork. )
They also exists another feature where you can create a album and upload your pictures that way (Requiars adoby flash player.)

Anyway as the rules state on the website “BabyFur.ME “the cub social network” is a social networking community built specifically for the babyfurs community but is open to age 14+ members of the furry fandom that identify as Adult Babies(AB) and/or Diaper Lovers(DL), collectively referredto as the ABDL community, inside and outside of the furry community." That a sort summary of it anyway. This rule says that anyone that is 14+ can join the website add that to the photo shearing feature that I have told you about and you have teenage babies and diaper lovers who are teenagers posting themselfs in diapers.

They are lots of diffrent pictures of the teenagers that are in diapers. Some are frount facing diaper shots while other might be a long distence but there face is cut off and some are pictures of there faces wearing a diaper. They was one that looked like a teenager with no cloths on exept the diaper he was wearing sitting in a chair.

I used to comment on these pictures but I would comment on any sort of pictures because I was just trying to be nice and friendly and I like putting nice comments on peoples work, because I like to be nice.
I know I am no saint. I have uploaded some artwork with the age in the tittle or discription saying 18+ with diaperfurs tied up. (Mainly my fursona and my secon fursona)
I even put the 18+ pictures on a group called bondage lovers until I started thinking something is not right? and besides

the group sometimes got in a flap whenever I would post a picture corasponding with the group! I have Inkbunny and SoFurry for thoes pictures now
but let us clear away from that because we are supposed to keep it PG-13!

Now I am not going to go too overboard this time and say you should report them all like I did on my website. Although do report them if you do not feel unconftable with it, and it could be good to do that to discurreage teenagers though they might not be anything wrong it still feels wrong somewhat wrong.
Now dispite getting warned about this on ADISC and dispite teenage babies taking pictures of themselfs in diapers, and dispite some peoples attempt in linking TB with AB/DL to be like the LGBTQ community babyfur dot me is a good community full of lots of diffrent artwork, role play, forums, loads of lovely pictures of diapers in

their packaging and out of there packaging, a few odd pictures of fursuiters here there and everywhere, most wearing diapers, link shearing and videos and a feature where you can write a blog with no limitations on the text so you can write it forever and ever and ever.

I am not sayind do not go on babyfur dot me all I am saying is be careful

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