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Cthulhu in London, day 1 & 2

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Before i start with the story, i want to give some background info.

For years i've had a dream to go abroad for at least a week, so that i can wear diapers 24/7. This summer, i found an opportunity that looked like it might work. I knew that i probably wouldn't succeed, but i also knew that this opportunity might never come again.
There is an event in London once a year which i've been wanting to attend for some time. About a month ago, i discovered that the event took place on the first weekend of my 6 week vacation (quit work on thursday night, event is sat & sun). That's when i started the project that is planning a trip like this under my circumstances. Problem #1, how do i go abroad for a week by myself, without people thinking it's weird/suspicious? I told people that this event only happens once a year and that i REALLY wanted to attend it (not a lie). I said i might as well stay for a week while i'm there, as it would also be fun and an interesting experience to live by myself for a while and take care of this whole thing myself. There are also lots of cool buildings, castles and cool cars in London, all of which are my interests. None of my friends share these interests (and the hobby which is the event), so no one would want to come with me even if i asked them (which i didn't anyway, of course). Problem #1 solved.
Problem #2: How do i get 1 & 1/2 suitcases worth of diapers and supplies to London without anyone knowing? I came up with two plans that MIGHT work. One included shipping a suitcase (thought it would just be one) to London about a week before i would arrive. The other one included bringing two suitcases (and hand luggage) to the airport and checking in both of them. There were several problems with both options, but i ended up bringing both suitcases to the airport.
Without knowing if i would be able to bring everything to London, i ordered diapers, bed pads, booster pads and cream from one site, and plastic pants from another site. I contacted both sites to make sure that the stuff would arrive one the right couple of days, and in a way that my parents wouldn't notice. Everything worked out well, except that i got a letter in the mailbox saying that i had a package from ''The healthcare shop''! I JUST HAPPENED to check the mailbox before my mom or her husband did!! That would not have been easy to explain...
Three key things that made this whole this possible is that my parents are divorced (so i live in two places, i can tell mom and dad different things about the trip, take suitcases from both places etc), that i work nights (which means that i can pick up packages before work, and bring them into my room at night when everyone is asleep) and that my flight left at 7AM (which means no one would want to drive me to the airport and see the extra suitcase).
I would pack most of the diaper things in a soft bag so that i could bring the bag home INSIDE the hard suitcase.
I always kept the soft bag in my car in a carpark near my house. I kept the box with diapers under my bed until the night i was leving. Some more diaper things i put in a third bag under my bed that happened to be in my car from when i was at a festival about a week before.
The day before i was leaving, everyone at my moms left for a couple hours, so i took the chance and moved the diaper things to the soft bag in the car, rather than sneaking it out at night. I booked a taxi to the airport a few days before, but told people that i was going to take the bus (which doesn't go that early, but they didn't know that).
Everything went to plan. More effort went into it than it seems, but i don't feel like writing every detail.

So here i am in a hotel with a weeks supply of diapers, and an ocean separating me from anyone i've ever known.

Day 1, Friday

I got to the airport and checked in the two big bags, and brought my backpack as hand luggage. I had a couple Tena slip ultimas and a couple Abena M4s, plastic pants and other supplies in it, and of course some other random stuff. I went through the security check without a diaper on. It all went well until a guy told me that they were going to check my bag further. I thought "alright, this trip got off to an exciting start...". He did check my backpack and see all the stuff as i stood right in front of him. It was a bit uncomfortable and very awkward, but equally exciting. I just avoided eye contact until he said "ok it's all good". I got my backpack and headed for the toilets. I used a toilet for the last time in a week, and put on an M4 after the security check (5:30AM). Plane left at 7, and took two hours. The diaper was soaked when i got off the plane, weird since i hadn't been drinking that much. I changed into a Tena slip ultima and nearly missed the bus going to London. The bus from Stansted took nearly two hours because of the traffic in town. Then i looked for the hotel for almost another hour (didn't know i had free internet within the EU, so i didn't use gps). Once i found the hotel i had to wait 3 hours for my room, so i went to eat and walked through Hyde park. I changed at a toilet there because i had a BM, and it started to smell a little even though i had plastic pants. This was when i realised how hard it is to change a messy diaper in a tiny stall, with only one hook on the wall! I got my room at 2PM. By this time i hadn't been sleeping for at least 30 hours, but to be able to sleep i had to eat (i was equally hungry and tired). I still didn't know i had my usual internet price, so i looked for a non-fancy place to eat(relatively cheap, and not a restaurant). I walked for ages, and i was so tired that i almost walked into things while looking down on my phone several times, i felt drunk tbh. I settled for Mcdonalds (always my last resort). I ate, changed into an M4 with a booster and plastic pants, put the bed pad under the sheet and went to sleep. It was hard sleeping because it was daylight and i was next-level tired, but i slept alright once i fell asleep.

Day 2, Saturday

The M4 and booster was soaked when i got out of bed at 7AM. I showered, put on an M4 and went down to have breakfast. A couple hours later i took the subway to the event. While there, i went to the bathroom to change. This wasn't going to be a regular diaper change. I was about to sit on the toilet while i cleaned up after a BM, but noticed that the toilet was clogged and full of water. So i stood up and removed the diaper instead. That's when i first heard that the toilet flushed by itself, which i've never seen before. I didn't think much of it and continued to change. Then it flushed a second time! Apparently they flush automatically every couple minutes or so. Now water spilled out of the toilet and on the floor, and there i was with my pants on the floor and i had not even cleaned up yet!
There was a guy in the stall next to mine, imagine how confused he must have been to hear someone changing a diaper, and LOTS of water flooding the floor (and i'm still in there!?!?). The water started to go into the other guys stall, and to my pants... I quickly put on a diaper without even cleaning up, and got out of there.
My pants were wet on the right cheek and down the right leg. Luckily they are dark blue and the crotch was dry, so it didn't look like i had wet myself. I walked to a hotel and asked if i could use the toilet. They only had a handicap toilet luckily (i don't use those otherwise), so i went in there and hung my pants to dry, cleaned up and put on a new diaper. I didn't feel like going back to the event considering what happened and that my pants were wet, so i ate at an indian restaurant nearby. I decided to go back to the event after i ate.
I had such a good time there, going around and trying all the stuff there and discussing the hobby with people, and letting go whenever i felt like it. I changed again at about 4PM, and i left the event an hour later. I went to check out the London eye up close, and found a Subway nearby where i ate second lunch, i guess (yes, i eat like a hobbit). Once i finished i took the subway to the hotel. I chilled out i my room until i got hungry again, around 10PM. I changed out of my very wet M4 and put on a Tena slip ultima (and plastic pants as always), and got some Thai food 5 minutes from the hotel. When i ordered, the lady asked me ''you want spicy?'' to which i answered ''just a little bit''. ''Just a little bit'' apparently is VERY hot for a swede... I was almost sweating, lol. I had a BM just before i was going to change into my night diaper, which was convenient. I cleaned up and showered, put on a good amount of barrier cream and a Betterdry with booster. And now i'm going to sleep, looking forward to day 3!

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