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The Liesurely Thursday

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Slept in until 9:00 this morning which was so refreshing. Another night of being 'little' in my dreams. Woke up wet too, but this time the spot was completely dry by the time I woke up. Somehow, I woke up with a charlie horse in my right leg, but remembered that I didn't have to do anything so I shrugged it off.

Had my usual breakfast, then went around the forum looking for topics to reply to and organized my website bookmarks of diapers based on price range and amount per case/equivalent amount to others. Researched various 'little' related clothing and found an inexpensive shortalls to bookmark for later. Then I watched some Star Trek: Voyager while I ate my lunch. Went back upstairs and played a few rounds of Warface and checked the forums again. After which I watched a World War II documentary about the development of the assault rifle and by that time it was dinnertime. We had Firehouse subs and I loved my BBQ Cheddar Brisket Sandwich. Finally I played some rounds of World of Tanks and worked on at least the first half of Chapter 6 for my "Kindergarten Wunderland" Story. Tomorrow is my appointment with the counselor and it seems the sessions have been working to keep me from falling completely into despair.

Until Next Time. Stay Padded, stay 'little' and stay 'you' my friends.

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