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Babyfood games, and excited to finaly join Mommy on vay-cay!!!

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My Mommy/Wife ... has gone on vay-cay early with our kiddos to be with her mother for a week. I'm really missing her at this point!

Last thing she did as she was walking out the door, right after hugging and kissing good bye, was to give my backside a little swat and admonish me to "Be good!" ^///^

I've been left in a little-ish mindset all week... just a puddle of a bun...

I mean... some time alone *is* fun - I get to play video games (and not hafta take toilet breaks). I get to sleep in diapers every night (Mommy doesn't mind, but I try not to overdo it and usually save it fer special occasions). I get to use my paci, which I LOVE so much! (Mommy's really not into the paci, I guess I don't blame her as I'm sure I look pretty silly - when I use it I don't hafta look at myself. ^^;

Still, even though I've also had dinners and times out with some other friends it's a bit lonely at the end of the day or first thing in the morning...

Don't worry this is a happy story though... this morning I ended up a feeling totally... "rough". I'd had too much to drink while out with a friend, then stayed up too late streaming babyfur drawings online with other ABDL goofballs and I'd run out of Gatorade, so I had nothing to recover with...

Mommy texts me good morning, and I whine and pout for sympathy (which I get), but then she sends me to the store before work to make sure I have Gatorade. Then she asks me about breakfast, which I haven't had, and she scolds me, and laughs, and says she knew I couldn't be trusted to take care of myself! So then she tells me to go buy some babyfood packs (the kind with a straw and the twist top) while I'm there. I'm getting these texts in the store and I'm blushing furiously even though of course no one can see them.

I haven't had this feeling of thrill and shame around babystuff in public for like twenty years, like since I last bought diapers in a store. It's silly of course, everybody will assume I'm buying them for a kid, not myself, but still somehow she's pushed these buttons. Also, this is the first time we've been far apart since I completely came out to her about my AB side this winter, and she's never been ... er ... 'playful' like this before. We've sexted like anybody, but this remote semi public scene ... *shivers*

Anyhoo I goto the baby aisle, heart pounding, and find the least disgusting looking organic stuff, but Mommy makes me take pictures to send her so she can pick. This actually feels like good 'cover' to me, of course 'dad' wouldn't know what babyfood to buy! So at first she wants me to pick some really disgusting sounding stuff with spinach, but she relents after I plead for mercy, and I end up buying a bundle of ones that I think sound kinda sweet breakfasty like strawberry banana oats and sweet-potato banana.

I should point out, we have *never* done any babyfood play, so I have no idea what to expect. I have a general sense of dread, but I'm not sure if it will be too sweet, too much in that uncomfortable space in between sweet and savory, just fine, or what... but the concept that I'm gonna find it yucky, but I have no choice is overwhelming me with excitement.

I check out... really cute young clerk makes me even blushier. I play it cool but can't make eye contact with him. Get to the car, and text Mommy that I have to drive. So she tells me if I'm a good boy I'll finish my breakfast before I get to work. I mean I expect it, but still it felt like a shock. Being bratty and resistant isn't working too well over text, so I lean into being totally submissive, promising to text her the picture of the empty baggie. At this point I don't know how disgusting it's gonna be but I'm oddly hoping it'll make me gag, so I pick the grossest sounding one (bannana sweet potato).

I start to drive out of the parking lot and fumble to open the twist top, and again I'm blushing furiously, but in that zone of, "Wow, am I really going to do this?"

So... I take a sip...

Oh. My. God.

It's gross, just as gross as I'd kinda hoped it'd be. Sweet and salty in equal unpleasant proportion, creamy and grainy...

I can't choke it down like I would a normal meal. I hafta take small sips and try and quickly swallow it, but the flavor is slowly permeating my mouth.

Then, while I'm stopped at a light, with an expression of I dunno what kinda blushy distaste and determination on my face, and a baggie of baby food at my lips, that's when I make eye contact with the guy driving the car next to me... and I suddenly realize everyone can see what I'm doing! I had seriously so gotten distracted by that I forgot my car wasn't private. Ears burning, I spend the rest of the ride to work trying to take sips surreptitiously while the car is moving. I couldn't even finish it ... *shiverr* ... I threw away about a third or a quarter when I got to work.

So I never sent Mommy a pic, and she did tease me about it so I admitted my ... er ... naughtiness. That's why this morning I'm now chocking down the second of these packages as I write this. Remember how I said I got strawberry, oats, and stuff... well I didn't look carefully enough... it's strawberry, banana, oats, and KALE! ;___; Uguuuuuu~

Welp, hopefully Mommy will be proud of her good boy fer eatin all his breakfast!

Anyhoo.... I was originally gonna make this a post about babyfood experiences and if any has any they actually like to eat, but it turned into a bit of a selfc entered personal story, so I'm making it a blog post... ^_^;;

I would love to know what other people's experiences with babyfood are!


  1. ShippoFox's Avatar
    I haven't had the chance to try any baby food.... but I find it really weird that they want to feed gross stuff to babies. You'd think they'd taste test this stuff, so babies don't learn to hate it from the start. Or maybe babies like it because they don't know other foods... and we don't like it because we've tried so many other things.... I dunno.
  2. AdorableRabbit's Avatar
    Hrmmm... well I dunno if babies would find it so yucky?

    First off the texture was really aweful to me, but that's largely because all real adult food is either smooth n creamy or has some some proper texture. Even peanut butter is spread onto bread. This was more like lukewarm, sweet, slightly stringy, yet also grainy mashed potatoes. A baby has no teeth though, so lack of proper texture is prolly a bonus where for us it's like something over chewed.

    Babies are really sensitive to temperature, so lukewarm is good for them, where we like either warm or cold stuff as well. Even though I guess sandwiches and lots of deserts are room temp... this had the texture and flavor of something that should never be room temp.

    I think you're right that Babies also don't know a lot of flavors, so mixing them together with sweet and savory is probably not 'wrong' to them the way it is to us. This was intensely sweet, *and* also very savory and that together just turned my stomach as something 'wrong', but it's likely what I've become used to as an adult. I mean... the fact that I *knew* my sweet breakfast included kale made it seem gross even before I put the tube to my lips too... so there's just the mental angle.

    Finally having something that was lukewarm and thick through a straw... ugh. That makes no sense, but again it contributed... - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.