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This is NOT the only side of me? #9: Just an update about life, jobs, and......... something new. (a plastic sheet)

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Well I have not done any of these blogs in quite awhile now I will try to keep it brief and short since this s only an update one.

first my life right now is going pretty decent I have no complaints but a new thing has happen I may have found a job so I am looking forward to that.

just a retail job really nothing special but it is to me means I get to go back to work and making money so I can buy things possibly some ABDL things in the near future.

So that is really good at least to me it is especially if I can buy my first ABDL diapers perhaps maybe some clothing too, it will be awesome!!

Now just the other day I was at wal-mart and decided I needed a new plastic sheet really bad my other one was cracking and tearing it lasted me about a year so I got my monies worth out of it.

Infact I got one that zips up on one side instead of just the regular fitted ones I normally buy. now aside from all that even though I am 31 years old I like to have the protection there on my bed just incase.

well this is about all I have to say for now thanks for reading.

stay cool, stay safe, and stay diapered out there!

Sincerely Bluefirejay
Tags: abdl, job, life, plastic, sheet

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