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My week home alone.

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My wife and child went upstate to visit family this week. I had to stay home and work. To be honest I am very happy with that decision. It has been almost a year since my last alone diaper time. I miss it.

My wife recently quit her job. Since she is home all of the time, I get no opportunities to indulge. Hiding is more complicated now. When she was working, her attention was elsewhere. hiding spots around the house were easy to keep. She has tried to combat boredom by re-organizing the house. It's a nightmare. Except the house has never looked better, so vanilla bonus, ab/dl nightmare.

The benefit to her unemployment is that she went with my child to see her family during the week. This almost never happened before because of work. My typical 2 day diaper time was expanded to 4 1/2 days. Work this week for me was light. In fact, I even wore to work which was a lot of fun. My goal was diapers only, but yesterday at work, proved impossible. Boxer briefs are boring as hell. I should have at least wore a nice pair of panties, but didn't.

My wife returns tomorrow afternoon. I have spent the better part of today taking inventory and putting things away. I am also taking the opportunity to launder any items that don't seem fresh. I have a good collection of cloth diapers. I almost never have the chance to wear them because of the laundry issue. It was nice to sleep in the thick cotton-ness once again. (side note: unless you couldn't figure it out, I like plastic pants. A lot.)

Since tonight is my last night alone, I need to make the most out of it. There were some activities I wanted to do, but I think I will double up and just enjoy the freedom of sleeping in nothing but a diaper and t-shirt. At least my dog doesn't seem to care.

Since my child is staying an additional week, that means my wife and I can spend some alone time together. I have brought up the diapers to her from time to time, but she just isn't interested. I might sneak in some wearing on a couple of nights when she is feeling less amorous. My promise to her was that our child would never find out. I'm in full agreement. However, we are child-less for 5 days, so I might bring up the daring a notch.

It's time to change my wet diaper now. My neighbor needs me to bring her some fold-up tables for a party this weekend. I guess the least I can do is put on a fresh diaper and, oh I don't know, wear some clothes.


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    If only...

    I got those vacations annually for a few years when Mrs. would go visit Maxxette and the grandsons. Now that they're college age it doesn't happen. Worse, even on days she's working, Junior's dog is here, or I have to ride my bike to his house to let her out. Either way, there isn't enough time alone for diapers. Unless something unforeseen happens... my diapers will be alone in a drawer until at least September. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.