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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#362

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High humidity today.
Anyway, it is evening and I am having some "no diaper time" mutely sitting on my adult plastic pail medical potty chair.
I am just letting the pee-pee uncontrollably come out of my body into the potty pail.
On my computer I am logged into XFINITY and watching "PAW PATROL" on the Nickelodeon Jr. Channel.
I do not feel like watching the news channels and their coverage of the evil bad man who is the President of my country.
I need to watch something about being a good little boy and doing the right things, not the wrong things.
Earlier today I was of course in "Adult Mode", performing several house chores, and in the early evening attending a meeting of the Autistic-run non-profit organization I am a director of.
As a 100% medically incontinent Cerebral Palsy and Autism 59 year-old, my bedroom smells like that of a non-toilet-trained toddler's bedroom.
Potty Chair in the corner, along with diaper pail, and mattress smelling of pee-pee.
I really am a baby/toddler again.
Well, even though I am mutely sitting on this "Potty Chair", I am just not "Potty Trained Anymore".
"Uncontrollably Pee-Pee and Poo-Poo like a Baby - you have to be treated like a Baby again".


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