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Roblox games where you can be a baby and ABDL games

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So I have been on Roblox and found that they are a few games that maybe right up the ABDL community. Some of these games are made by Adult Babies themselfs and others are made just because the individual loves diapers.

So Before we begine do Remeber that children do play roblox so when you are roleplaying please do not do anything too weird

Before you can do anything you will need to sign up to Roblox and get a free roblox account
Remeber to conferm you email adress and all that good stuff otherwise you will be a guest and nobody likes guest.
When your a guest you can not type to others and the last time I checked you can not see what others are typing to or about you. And nobody wants that.

So once you filled out everything and told them weather you male or female. (No both that is kind of aquard)
You can then start to explore the games. Then once clicking on one you will get 2 things installed 1. Roblox player (This allows you to play the games) 2. Roblox studio (this allows you to make games)

So let us start with some babygames shell we.

Be A Baby In A Daycare This is a game where you can walk up to a switch and get turned into a strange little bundle of joy. They are 4 rooms labled as followed "Nap time" "Story time" "Feeding time" "Play time" Oh and in the story time they is a changing facility on your left. The game is more of a RP and you can be a carer but you have to tell the baby to follow you to put them to bed. They is also some RPing in the changing room as well.

If you want to have a go at this game best be quick about it since the creator is shutting it down on the 1st of August!

Be a baby or Adopt one is another Roblox baby game where you can adopt a baby or be a baby and possably get adopted. I do not know about this one. But it looks like it uses the same mechanics as the previous game. I am guessing adopting a baby is basically you find a roblox player and you are like HAY I wanna adopt you and they are ether like alright or no your creepy

Daycare role play or as it is also known as Little bear daycare center is a RP type game and is unknown to youtube. I have never played it before in my life so I have no idea weather it is good much like the last one. But Be a baby in a daycare must have inpacted it very hevely since the baby dose look a lot like the one in be a baby in a daycare.

Compared to The little Angles day care centre I do not know how you can find it on Roblox but if you get the opertunity to play it it dose look like a neat game. Wait I found it Little Angles day care centre The changing table or what looks like a changing table is located in the medical part of he nursery

Then they is this game which I do not know the name of but it looks fun. If you are able to find it you can scoop adults and babies basically any player in your stroller. It looks cool and good for in case you want to play adult baby. WANING CONTAINS NAKED ROBLOX PLAYER IN THE VIDEO!
Just be awar of that game since it has a lot of Questionable content even though it is a kids game But we are all adults here so that should not matter.

Let us look at the ABDL games now.
So Diaper lovers world is a small hang out on roblox where any DL can chat and catch up on things. They have a playpen for the Adult Babies they have a blond girls wig for the sissys and a not so safe area where you can go and play.

hangout for people who like diapers I only just played this. It is still in construction so they is not really more to say about it. but it looks lke it maybe the sort of game that may get it's own diaper gadge when it is done.

Baby step daycare has unfortunatly been deleated. all that is left is the video footage of this place so why did I put it here. Unlike most baby roblox games you look like a baby but in this one you look more like a adult crawling around on all fource then a baby. It is a good thing that they deleated this since unlike most roblox games when your naked this one shows male and female parts in a diaepr change. Not in this gameplay but others.

Diaper gadge games. So Do you want to have that diaper feeling where your using a diaper. Well look no fearther then these games. These games have gadges when I played them to indicate weather you diaper needs a change or not.

Please suggest updates to this game better known as diaper simulator is a diaper lover paradise. This is a tiny sand box game where you can explore around the place. You will notice one thing. They is a diaper around your waist. Whatever activitise you do will course the diaper gadge to fill up. no pun intended. Once it is full you need to go home and get a diaper change. This game is good since you have not got control over your diaper.

DiaperCon 12 Uses the old diaper gadge system as well. It maybe small but it is something some of us wish would really happen in one point in our live or another. If a diaper convention really did exist. The con is locked and they is no way to get in but if your a smart soul you will find a way to get into the convention. There you will find some moddles and lots of diffrent diapers you can try and changing tables.

Baby Life ALPHA is the last game I am putting on here. This is in it's Alpha state and it seems to be a ROLE PLAY game where you can not only look after a adult baby but be a adult baby. Where you can look after one another. They is a school where you can go to and a toilets and play area's (No boys in the girls toilet or the girls play area sexist) You can pay to become a admin but I personally would not bother with that. They is a ABDL game that is mostly deserted that dose not have anyone playing it so let us play in it.

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