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Haunted Places, Hanted People

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We've all heard stories about ghosts and haunted places. Is it something from our past that won't let go? Is it something that we refuse to let go?

Haunted houses. Haunted places... haunted people. The past sometimes haunts our present, and it can greatly affect our future. Someone breaks or someone dies, and in living with the pain, we learn to live with the ghosts, and when we are ready, we either ask them to leave so that we can move on, or we let them stay. How can the ghosts leave when they are sometimes the only thing we have left?

We talk about haunted buildings, yet we are more afraid of haunted people. We get scared and don't know what to say when someone says "I can't go on anymore," or "I need help."

Perhaps that's how we get them to move on, by opening up to trusted friends, families, advisors or professionals and sharing our deepest, most haunted stories, by putting aside our own fear and reaching out in the belief that people will care, will help, and listen.

Perhaps we can best help our friends and family become unhaunted when we let them know we are not afraid to face their pain with them. When we take the time to really know them, to go just a little deeper, from "How's it going?" to "Are you feeling okay?"

I have been haunted. I have had people and things die and stay and would never let them leave. They were no longer real but they were still comforting. They were doorways to brighter days.

The real world is where the healing begins, in the bright lights and in the presence of caring people. We all have pain in our past and we all have our own ghosts. But when we feel like one of those old haunted buildings, then let us have the courage to open the front door and let people see inside, where there are still rooms that hold our vulnerability and our hopes. Let them in with their light as they tell those ghosts that it's time for them to move on.


  1. Angellothefox's Avatar
    As a fur I would say it is difficult to let go and even when you ask things to leave they can stay.

    As a christian I say you should pry to god that they will move on and they may find a better place. I know it is hard not too but you should not speak to anything that is a spirit, ghost or demond. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.