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Pink Petunias (non ABDL dark fairy tale story)

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This doesn't exactly fit in under the stories section and it's not written in the typical way but there is something about it that I thought this community might like. I used to write a lot of (mainly) horror stories. My stories are all very, very different and this one is hard to categorize. Think of it like a Twilight Zone episode. A dark fairy tale. A PG rated one. It's a dark story but it has a strange sort of happiness to it. It doesn't feature any ABDL stuff. I wrote this a couple of years ago and was going to do a short video feature of it but ended up scrapping it. I hope you like this short, weird little tale.

Pink Petunias

A happier corner you would never find
That cheered up the dreary this way
He was jolly as Santa with love in his heart
He was only missing his sleigh
He dressed in bright colors, a garish display
He'd wave and give you a grin
He'd give away flowers just because
His love coming out from within
But not all were happy for not far away
A man was planning to attack
The Flower Man must be a deviant
So he'd lure him out to the back
His plan couldn't fail if he thought it all out
No soul would catch him in the act
The Flower Man would disappear
And wipe him from the tract
So the man put his plan to work that night
And the Flower Man was no more
The bright spirit gone, the colors went grey
And the corner became just a bore
Free from the proof that would send him to prison
Nemesis lived nice in his dwelling
But what was that flash he saw out the window
That caused him to swear and start yelling
A pinwheel spinning but where did it come from
Was somebody playing a trick
Nobody could possibly know what he did
This was just a pinwheel stick
Days started passing and all went so quiet
The Nemesis went on with his being
But a new trick was growing in front of his house
That was becoming a sight to be seeing
Petunias, they were, a cheerful sight
They were blooming in shades of pink
Overnight they'd grown from his manicured lawn
Like the Flower Man giving his wink
But pulling and mowing did nothing to stop it
The blade of the mower did break
And so tightly rooted and stuck to the Earth
Like breaking a rock with a stake
And petunias kept growing and finding their way
They climbed the house like a creeper
And covered the windows, doors, and roof
Trapping him inside of this guilty-man keeper
A colorful image to end this story
Of pink in a drab, black place
Where the Flower Man lives and brightens our day
And turns the dark on its face.

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