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Weird Dream

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A few months ago I had a really weird dream and it really took me by surprise since I don't have many dreams about diapers that often. This one has really stuck with me. The dream was that one night I was caught wearing diapers by my mom and she had me take my shorts off to see me wearing the diaper. It happened to be an ABU Lavender diaper. She took photos of me standing there in just a shirt and the diaper. I wasn't allowed to have my shorts on the rest of the night. Just before going to bed, she had the intentions of outing me to my sister by sending the photos to her. Instead of messaging the photos to her in messenger, she unintentionally post them to my sister's Facebook page and tagged me in them. None of us realized what had been done until the morning, and of course, it too late now. So instead of outing me to my sister, she has outed me to everyone on her list, my sister's list and my list. That morning, I have a meeting at work and a couple of co-workers ask about the photos and I'm understandably speechless and mortified. It is at that point, I wake up. Now if you've ever had a dream and parts of that dream seam to come true later down the road, then you can see how this can be a little worrisome.


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    Yeah. I have. I take dreams and premonitions seriously, and I'm convinced that they've helped me "dodge the bullet" a number of times over the years. Most notable was a long time ago when I dreamed of my death in a house fire. Incredibly detailed. A couple years later... it happened, except my brother was unexpectedly home on leave from the Navy and woke me up. Apparently the dream didn't foresee him being home. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.