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You make some new content on inkbunny nobody cares. You make a pig in a gimp suit telling you what he is planning on what he wants to do to you every

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You make some new content on inkbunny nobody cares. You make a pig in a gimp suit telling you what he is planning on what he wants to do to you everything happends at once

So you probably want a better explanation than that.
So I have been using SoFurry and Inkbunny to put some of my diaper pictures and NSFW pictures. Mainly been diaper bondage AGAIN!
So recintly I have been posting a few stuff. The few things that I posted was stuff like Angello in messy diapers and a some bondage pictures like "Fishy smell"

After a few NSFW pictures mainly more diaper bondage I then moved on to Animal crossing drawings.
Did you think I was playing them NO!
The first batch of art introduced us to a new charecter. Angello go's and visits some animals and waves at them, Skyes house and a rino of some discription?
Anyway the last house that Angello go's see is Bound's house. He walks in and then walks the other way thinking a big NOPE!

Keep in mind this was before Bound had his name. The other picture was "In debt to Tom Nooks"

The other art was called "Why did Skye ask for a baby crib?" This ligitamly happened to me in animal crossing. Skye just wanted a baby crib. Though what did not happen in the game is me walking in on skye in the crib.

Now depending on where you are? You will get the wet version and the non wet version on SoFurry. But on Inkbunny they are both intwined.
The last 2 was "mummy Skye" and maybe "Isabelle ruined it"? "mummy Skye" was a follow on comic from "Why did Skye ask for a baby crib?". Why did Skye ask for a crib?" got quite a bit of attention on favorites. "Mummy Skye" only got one and it was quite reciently too. Mummy Skye is where Skye takes care of Angello.
Isabelle ruined it is where Isabelle finds out that YOU as the mayor has incontinence and makes a law where every animal has to wear a diaper.

That got one favorite on Ink. The next batch like "Didn't save" did not get any favorites. "Mummy Skype #2" only recently got 2 faves. "Lost big kids item" got 1 favorite on Inkbunny but it did have a small easter egg in from "Mummy Skye#2" [DIAPER SPOILER]And it is really funny how Anchovy tries to make out they are not his lost big kids diapers[/DIAPER SPOILER] The next was "Meet Bound" and it scored 78 views when it was posted on SoFurry BUT OH MY GOSH EVERYTHING KICKED OFF ON INKBUNNY!
Though it may have scored lower but in that day it contracted 3 favorites and a couple of days later a furry wanted me to RP with him.

He wanted me to be Bound!
All this scean is is Bound talking to the mayor (Which is you). He intruduces himself and says after knowing about incontence. "But while your here Mayor why don't you get aquanted with some chains and ropes.
Basically all what Bound is doing is been nice (for now) and offering the Mayor a suggestion (Which is you) His words maybe graffic but they are only words.

How come that is so popular I have a person wanting to role play it! All well. The dude is 21 and I will be more then happy to RP with him but should I be worried?


  1. rennecfox's Avatar
    How are any furry diaper pics safe for work?, bondage art at that point is pretty meaningless to changing the offensiveness in the workplace.
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