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sleep over at my friends

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so when i was bout 7 i sleped am my friends and we watched a movie (i cant rember what movie ) we got a blanket,drinks and food and sat on the sofa to watch it about 20 minets few the movie i stared to get the arge to pee but i was so into the movie i kept butting it off and my friend (Rebecca) must have notest she posed th movie and said to wee i looked at her and said "huh"? she said " i now you have to go so go " i replyed " am not wetting myself " she said "hahah no go to the bathroom " my face whent red as i moved the planket there was a little wet spot on my pjs i dint pee myself but a little come out when i got back i got back under the planket and Rebecca un posed the movie . then about 20 more minets i saw rebecca fidgeting i asked her "if she was okay " she said "yeah am fine " i thourt okay and carryed on watching the movie . When we were about half in to the movie she was moving her legs she looked and said " what " i said do u have to pee" she said "what no" about 5 minets later i flet my bum get wet and i thourt i wet my self so i jumped up but i was dry apart from the little spot from ealyer and my bum was a bit wet i looked at rebecca who was blushing i looked at her and said " did you just wee" she said umm no" i said why am i wet then " she just smarked so i quicky pulled the planket and there was big wet patch on the pj bottoms " oh my god hahaha" i said i sat back down and rebecca posed the movie and went to her room she said "dont unpose still am back " so i dint about 10 minets later she come down with a new par off pants on and a bad she put the bag down next to her and said " okay you can un pose it now " so i did and evry time she fidget she hard this crackling nose i asked her what it was she said" i dont now what your talking about " looking down going red ans i said" bex what is it it sounds like a pull up and what in that bag your broht down " she picked up the bag and oped it "what bex why do u need them " the bag had about 4 or 5 pullups she said i have to were them to bed and when i had the accident i desied to put one on " oh okay i said and continued with the movie part off me has allways wonted to were pullups and it got me thinking about 20 mins later i needed pee so i just held it and watched the movie. when the movie finshed i found my self told my self and rebecca must have saw cus she said "chole let it out "so i stood up to stared to walk to the bathroom then bex call my name and throue a pull at me and " just go in your pants " i dint now what to say so i just stood there she walked over to me and said go on so i slowly let it out and the wwt patch go bigger and bigger it flet really nice then i was going to go to the bathroom to get changed but bex insited i did here so it (who new in about 7 yaers she would be my fist gf haha) i got changed and put a pull up on and for the west off the night we were just peeing in the pull ups and maybe some poo

so i hope you liked the story and i have a lot more to share so please tell me how you liked it in the comments

and again sorry for the bad grammar and spelling xx

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