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how it started

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hey so my name is chole and i want to share why i wet my self ...

so when i was about 13 me my mum and sister was going to Scotland to see my nan .well about half i got the feeling that i had to pee so i told my mum and she said "try to hold babe it shoulder be much longer till we stop for some for lunch " so i held and held and held and my sister stared poking me in the ribs about 20 minets later i told my mum "i cant hold it and i think am going to pee" she said "chole hold it we are about 15 mintets still a stop " i could feel tears in my eyes now i cant make it then i leaked there was a small wet patch on my sorts i told my mum and she said " okay just let it got " "WHAT" i replyed " chol babe your going to wet as soon as you move just wet your self and ill clean up when we stop okay" i just nodded and closed my eye and wet my self and right after i stared to cry then about 10 minets later we stopped and my mum got me cleand up

i hope you enjoyed it and am sorry for the bad spelling xx

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