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In a Rearz

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This morning I put on an ATN and drove to the Rearz store. I'd been wanting to try their black Seduction diaper for ages – but I also had sizing difficulties with their identical Inspire+ Incontrol diaper and so decided to take advantage of a rare day off and pay them a visit. I was also hoping to fulfill a long-standing fantasy: to buy diapers, then ask for a changing room.

Rearz is on a secluded street. It’s not meant to be stumbled upon: it’s meant for people who seek it out. I was greeted by the same awesome salesclerk I’d met during my last visit. I told her what I wanted, explained the issues I’d had previously, and asked if I could sample a couple different sizes of the Seductions before deciding what to buy. And so she gave me a trial pack of mediums, which led to the following exchange:

Me: "Can I try it on here?"

Awesome salesclerk: "Yup." Then, "Are you currently padded?"

Me, without a second thought: "Yup." [Wait a second, what?!!]

Her: *hands me a plastic bag*

I still can't believe I walked into an ABDL store, then admitted to one of the employees I was wearing a diaper. Me of three years ago couldn't have imagined doing that. Awesome salesclerk led me to the back and pointed me towards one of the washrooms (the women’s one – it has a lock). Once inside I changed out of my wet ATN. I chuckled as I threw it into the garbage at the sight of two soaking Goodnights in there already. Then I put on one of the Seductions. It fit perfectly.

And so I pulled my pants back up and walked into the showroom. Awesome storeclerk was helping another customer. I’m still in awe of how cool she was, with how casually she asked me if I was padded and by nonplussed her reaction was when I told her yes (I suppose it's her job, but still). Also, I love the fact that she knew I was diapered; she knew I was diapered when I came in, and she knew that I'd just gone to the back, changed out of a wet diaper, and put on a fresh one.

As ever, Rearz is the best not just for their products but for the customer service and for helping normalize the experience of being an ABDL. They’ve been instrumental to my self-acceptance. Today’s visit will only make it stronger.

The Seductions are amazing, by the way. They were well worth the wait.

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