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Guide to Planning a ABDL Party

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Disclamer I do not own any images protraded in this Blog and merley aquared them from google images. I will however copy past and blur anyones face that I see on the photos/picture/images

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The first thing you want to do is find out where all your exits are at hand. You want to find this out incase something go's wrong and you can get out as quickly as possable.
I am not saying it will the mejority of people have more self respect then that but just in case it dose will know where the exits are in advance.
If your living in a flat

Then you probably only have one means of exit and most likely will not be able to use the windows. This just means you have to be a little more careful when aranging a party. If you can plan how you are going to lure the person away from the frount door.

Also consider what you will do if a Thief or theives happen to just walk into your house and how you can restrain them. Also remeber about vandles Think to yourself.
Call the police is a good idea but find some way of detaining them.

If you do not have make my day law or if the thief vandles are not upstairs you can not hit, attack or use reasonable force.

The second thing to do after you desided and mapped out what you are going to do is meet people in real life. I mean go to a abdl event.
Go to a furmeet. Yes I know most if not all furmeets tend to have a no talking about babyfur, diaperfur, abdl stuff policy but as one furry said ask around.
If the person at runs the furmeet tells you to stop STOP!

To find people furries that are also babyfurs try chatting to them and eventually getting there number before you say hay are you a babyfur. Do not say that though strait away. If they use babyfur, diaperfur pictures or they talk about nappies that they like using then you can ask weather they are one or not.
If you are chatting to them on telegram or skype Whatever?

And you built up a friendship reletionship with them then you can tell them your intrest and hopefully they might not be as shocked!

I say that yet I have told people before even when I only have known them for a little while. Oh and the furry might still be triggered over the whole babyfur, diaperfur, abdl thing

Also to mention if your living with your family/carers it might be best if you do not text your friend about babyfur, diaperfur, abdl related stuff even if they are one. The likely hood is your parents will probably be super ticked off with you or make out that your friend is adult grooming. But I assume you do own your own house or flat or at least renting. I am just saying if you go to visit your parents/carers never text babyfur stuff, diaperfur stuff, abdl stuff to your friend.

AND DO NOT HOLD A ABDL PARTY AT YOUR PARENTS/CARERS HOUSE If anything was to go wrong it will be on your pleate.

If you can not find a abdl meet or they are too far away for you. You can always try your best to meet up with some other abdl, diaperfurs, babyfurs you met online. Just remember to meet in a well lit area or a cafe or in the park when it is summer and spring time if the price is too much at the cafe. Never meet in a shady ally or somewhere where not many people go. It is also good to bring a friend with you as well just incase. They do not have to be a abdl your friend. They just need to be there. If you do not have anyone you might have to meet them on your own. But remeber meet them in a well lit area!

This might take time for each ABDL, Babyfur, diaperfur to get to know all of them but it is worth it. Oh and if you know they are a ABDL, Babyfur, diaperfur then the first time you meet them they may not want to talk about nappies and pacifiers and acting like a baby. If you find out the more times you meet them they do not want to talk about it that is understood because some abdl do not want to talk about there abdl intrest the same with diaperfurs and babyfurs.

Even if you are in a resanably quite but still populated with people place they still may not want to talk about it because this could be a number of reasons but the most common is the fear of getting laughed at and been joudged by socity by doing something that you enjoy doing!

Third Plan the party and see weather anyone is coming. It is not recomened that you meet people that you do not now at your house. If you have to meet them outside of town but only bring back limited of people 5 or 3. Though this is strongly not suggested.
You can also bring baby stuff but it might be best if for your first ABDL party you do not bring baby stuff and leave that when you have another abdl party.
Nappies are expensive especailly ABDL once so it might be best to tell your guest to bring their own nappies. and also remeber to invite people you know. Your also welcome to buy food but do not buy too much because you do not know weather anyone is coming and do not by too little just incase a few or some do turn up.

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