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Barring cataclysmic failure - I own a house

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Yeah! The seller accepted my offer, and mommy and I are going through the quagmire of requirements and documents to get it sealed!

Still; we should have all the promissory stuff signed today. I am beyond excited - it's so pretty; and brand new; and in a nice neighborhood; and big; and AHHHHH!

Now I'm faced with an interesting prospect. Because of our recent transition to an open relationship and this new, house-shaped windfall, I am honestly considering starting a nursery. Yeah; turns out I enjoy diapering other people and I wouldn't mind trying more caregiver type stuff, either... I kind'a wonder if I could make any money doing that? Maybe end up decking out a room with all the right equipment, y'know.

Then again, it does tend to feel a bit predatory - especially with the normal rates I see other 'caregivers' charging for the service. I do like doing ABDL photoshoots, though - that's lots of fun and totally a service with tangible goods attached.

What do you guys think?

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