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The Happy Holidays Have Started

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Yes, I've now be given a break from attending lecutes, instead I'll just spend somde time catching ahead on my notes and try and compile what I have got. By just rewriting them but shorter, compact and full of detail as my understanding of my subjects has increased. All work and no play make Jake a Dull boy? To be honest there isn't much I can do. I might phone up a few people and maybe go out. But that is pretty much it aside from seeing familly again. I visit them for their sake rather than mine. As they always seem to worry about me. Which reminds me I haven't phoned my parents in awhile. x.x Didn't realise the last time we spoke was probably over 2 weeks ago.

But I was thinking about getting some diapers over the holidays. Still wondering if I want to spend the money. Forget about the whole Picking up the parcel business. I don't want to spend that money. Sorry :P, I'm an odd person like that. I'll probably find buying it when I am in a better mood.

Because at the moment, I am a bit ill. Nothing too bad, just some what imobolised by having to be constantly present on the bog! Bah, I was expecting this to happen, It was 'brewing', other the past week and now seems to take stretch it self and and take it slowly, rather than just be fine one day. Very ill the next and fine the day after. Not me, It just got like that. I blame poor dieting on my behalf, it's a 'tummy bug' of some sort.

I beleive google has told me that it's now spring. You may find me either sneezing uncontrollably or trying to apply various medicines to releive of my symptons. Normally, I don't like it. But it affects my concentration aswell as my asthma. Bah... >_> Fun times.

As I've been ill I've really just been playing on my computer all day. And I've made some many silly mistakes and errors, I just want to goto sleep. But that's not possible while I'm ill .

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