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My life is getting better....

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Well, I guess by now most of you know that my mum passed away (rather suddenly) 23 January 2008 (yes, just 3-1/2 weeks ago). Needless to say I was very depressed and still am to a degree...I often find myself thinking "I should call mum and tell her..." then I remember I can't do that any more. I finally (after 3 weeks) removed her telephone listing from my cell phone. I felt I had to do it as a step toward healing. Obviously this has been a very trying time for me...add onto it that although I started a new job 10 December 2007...I had a lot of misfortune in the following month...

First my bf at the time returned from a trip home to visit his family in Bangladesh (he went for 4 weeks and stayed for 9). When he came back we made some plans to get together the first weekend(when we were both off work) only he tells me he's married now and although he still wants to see me, we can't "go out" together (ie movies, dinner, etc) I wasn't long in telling him "buddy, you're married...we can't "go out" all...ever! GET LOST!"

Then I got the flu and was sick for 5 days right after the Xmas holidays.

Then I went back to work and slipped & fell on the ice in the parking lot there (on the first day back after my flu incident) on New Year's Eve day!

Then I had food poisoning after eating at one of my favourite seafood restaurants in the city. *sighs*

Then I finally get back to work and find out my mum is in hospital in critical condition. I left early and went straight to the hospital (about 100km away) and she passed away the next morning.

No good times at all really.....until now!!!

I started a new job on 11 January 2008!!!

I'm still working in a call centre (okay I'm doing training right now, but I'll start actually making calls on the 26th, I believe). It's outgoing calls (to start), but that isn't as bad as it sounds. It's to existing customers of the company (local telephone company) to introduce them to other/new products (and to try to sell said products to them). Sounds easy enough to me!

I don't actually HAVE any products with the company at the moment, but I do BELIEVE in their products (for the most part), and I BELIEVE I can sell them to people who "NEED" them

Anyway...just thought I'd let everyone know what's going on in my the moment (or in this case over the past month or two).


  1. kite's Avatar
    when my fiance tabitha first lost her mother it was hard on her as well. it took her a good few months before the initial shock went away. even though she was right down the street from us we weren't there to see her pass although that was probably for the better since it wasn't pretty by any means. it's been two years now and when the holidays come around tabitha still gets a bit choked up when she realizes she can't call her mom to ask how to cook a turkey for thanksgiving.
    coincidentally, after our misfortunes during that same time she got a call center job as well and although we've had our mishaps things have been looking up for us as well. just recently she got her tax returns in which will help us repair our car and find us a new place to live.
    also, she got a proposition for an even better job which will allow me to go back to college and i'll only be working part time nights so i can finally get a degree in computer science.
    i hate blathering on about things like that but i just wanted to tell you about a personal example that when things hit (or feel like they do) rock bottom the only way to go is up.
    brightest blessings to you and your future Ayanna.
  2. the0silent0alchemist's Avatar
    ayanna you have my utmost sympathies... UTMOST! i myself lost my mum early january (she was the same age as you) last year... and ill agree it has been hard... im not someone who cries easily and im still hung up that i havent done so at all in affairs related to her...

    but yeah i can identify... as for the other stuff on top of it... aya youve taken all of this and came out on top and i :salute: you for that - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.