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My First Tornado

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Well I was running errands at 3:00 this afternoon and I drove through some strong winds with heavy rain and hail.

I thought it would be funny if it was an tornado.

Turns out I was on the free way by my house and the eye of an EF-0 tornado was passing 4 houses east of mine.

By brother was at my house and saw the large limbs falling of the tree about 4 houses to the east and was surprised he could see that through the heavy rain and hail.


  1. BluefireJay05's Avatar
    damn! talk about a close call.
  2. egor's Avatar
    The funny thing is we have had wind storms that did more damage. The only difference this time is the debris field is about 100 feet wide.

    Also, we here evidently at the touch down point and it ran for about 5 miles. The damage level is the same all around but the noise was a lot louder northeast of us.
  3. Maxx's Avatar
    It's amazing how things can be totally destroyed, yet 100ft away, nothing happens.
  4. Slomo's Avatar
    100ft? More like 10ft. I know what you went through- and yeah it is scary as heck. I was maybe 5 or 6 at the time, and was rushed into our basement when the sky turned a horrible green. We could see up the stairs and out the side door of our house. first the pressure got extremely high and uncomfortable. After a minute it truly did sound like a train passing by, and we could see the funnel- as it took out our neighbours house. Our house was mostly intact, but still bad enough the city decided to condemn it. We moved out shortly after that.
  5. MarchinBunny's Avatar
    Tornados have always been interesting to me, but at the same time very scary just due to how dangerous and destructive they can be. Don't even get me started with how big some can get x.x.

    I have been in a few storms myself that had tornados, although I never actually got to see one in person.
  6. egor's Avatar
    The official report in the newspaper this morning the point of touchdown was 6 blocks northeast of us. It moved a steel shed to the other side of the yard and tore up several fences.
  7. littlelodgewrecker's Avatar
    take note below;


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