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Wearing in stealth

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Posted this in a reply elsewhere, but it'll get buried there. At least it lives on here!

It's all a matter of degrees... If a person insists that they must wear a full barrier diaper, then you've limited your own choices as to when & where. If you could just realize that a decent-fitting pullup will give you 97% of the fit/feel of wearing a diaper, with 30-50% of the capacity of a bigger diaper, BUT it'll give you 100% deniability, since a decent pullup can't possibly be detected inside normal underwear choices. How many of you know which day a women is wearing a pad in her panties? How many of you know if a man is wearing women's panties under their suit? OK, so, once you get over the obvious stumbling block you have created for yourself by choosing ONLY full barrier diapers, you can ponder how different life would be if you could wear/trust a pullup, wherever you go, work, shopping, dinner dates, etc. Honestly, the solution is so simple, I'm stunned most limit themselves to full-on diapering 5-10% of the time, when they could be achieving 30-50% of the feeling 100% of the time. And, once you get over that hurdle, choose a great pullup, learn how to wear/use it safely (no flooding/no leaks), then you can start to expand upon your choices, and maybe double up on the pullup, and maybe add a plastic pant to the mix, or even a normal undie over everything to hold stuff in place, and look a bit more normal, if ever challenged. Point is, if you only see yourselves in a baby-print, then good luck hiding that AND the pacifier in your pocket. If, on the other hand, you're smarter than the average bear, you can wear a pair of decent quality pullups, dribble all morning into the first one, then hit a stall, rip the side panels out, pull up the rest, and dispose of the morning pant/smell, in favor of a dry one all afternoon. If you can only get away with a single layer, then maybe you just have to use normal bathroom practices, until mid afternoon, when you can start wetting your pullup, and just go home wet. Even a baby diaper, stuffed in panties, or tightey whiteys/briefs gives you options you don't normally have without wearing anything. I'm often amused that so many have so little creativity, when it comes to wetting yourself in public.

For me, Depend RealFits are an easy choice. Every Walmart stocks them. They look like underwear. They fit. They absorb. You can wear stuff over them, and you can pull them down in front to pee, or down like underwear to poo normally. Double the pant, double the fun! Currently, I wear Reassure Overnights, from HDIS, because of the fit & absorption (I turn the waistband down to keep them low profile. As a matter of fact, I'm usually about 5 layers "down there", giving me choices, protection, and some deniability. "Hey, I've got a medical problem, so what? Heard if the ADA???"

Anyways, that's my take on it. You do what works for you.

BTW, Tena & Abenas both make great pullups! HDIS has a $10 sample pack with 20 pairs of pullups 10 x [email protected]) that includes all four I just mentioned, and more weaker versions. Crap, for $10, if you can't find yourself wetting in a pullup with those choices, you just ain't trying hard enough.

Also, for anyone small enough, any of the kid's pullups give you exactly the same choices I've described above, with the benefits of cutesy designs, only you can appreciate.
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