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Bored thoughts

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I need an energy burner. One thing that took me years to understand was how I could keep going, stamina wise. I can work for days at a time without feeling it. That's not only work, it includes working out, studying, or just about any task. The last time I took myself to my limit it took about four days for me to shut completely down. On a normal day, I have to use my work or my self studies to drain me. Sometimes that's not enough. Lately Breath of the Wild's puzzles have been helping me burn off mental energy. I usually do about three at a time. I'm mostly calm, but that's because I've been using my hatred to work on new ideas. It's been having minor side effect. A small amount of my usual day dreams have been slightly evil. They're mostly tame and nothing I would act on. I use my meditation to calm myself. It's odd because I get additional energy from this, so it makes it harder to drain my natural energy.

My mother once told I have a strong connection to the earth, and it feeds me energy. My mother is much like me. Odd and ever thinking. We have very odd thoughts about the world. And to be honest I think everyone deserves a personal view of the world.

On another note I've been feeling a little love hungry. I find myself looking up at the stars, thinking "Are you looking up at the stars too?" Some days I feel that connection between me and someone else, but I don't think it's my mother, I think it's that special someone. But who knows. I might just be looking too deeply into it. Or I might be crazy.

I need to get out of my head for a few days.


  1. Maxx's Avatar
    Energy burner? Yesterday I watched the Blackhawks-Wild game on my indoor bike trainer. Got off and lifted weights during Zamboni time.

    Slept like a rock for a solid 9 hours last night.
  2. KryanAshford's Avatar
    Yeah an energy burner. Something I could use or do to burn off my stamina.
  3. Starrunner's Avatar
    [QUOTE=KryanAshford;bt40183]Yeah an energy burner. Something I could use or do to burn off my stamina.[/QUOTE]

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