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The Meeting

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Now take this as you will This is some really heavy stuff so I will give you a shortened down version of it. So first of the PURPLE text is my self doubt. I know right. I should have been blue. The BLUE text is what was said.
So Recently I had a meeting with suport workers and a phycology type person. So I have been looking for people to take care of me and that got them worried and my mum.

My mum was the one at guessed at I was going to see the diaperfur on 11/03/17 and they was conserneds about it since I only know the dudes fursona name even though knowing him for 2 years.
So it was suggested that I go to a cafe and get his real name and address. Aparently that was not enough since I got a phone call from the suport organisation to tell me they canceled it because they thought it was too risky and I did not plan it

this was later on and over the phone.
I told them I did plan it but they said but you did not plan it with us. I was a very angry fox after the confrontation.
So what are your thoughts about it. Was this the right thing or was this the wrong thing that they could do?

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