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My Bio and also I'm loving the forum.

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I doubt anyone will actually read this but I'm going to write one anyway... for posterity.

So, here's an introduction to me, who I am and how I found out about ABDL.

I was born in a small village in the middle of obsolutely nowhere. I grew up in quite a loving home, blah, blah, blah (let's speed through this shall we?)

My family and I moved to a big city when I was 10 where I got diagnosed with a ton of disabilities (I lived in a smal, village before hand... they were about 30 years behind the modern world). The main ones being autism, ADHD, dyspraxia and a heart condition.

I grew up quite slowly. I was in diapers full time until I was 7 and didn't stop using them during the night until I was 10-11. I couldn't feed myself, dress myself etc until I was about 8. I couldn't bathe myself until I was 14. I used pacifiers since I was born and has never been able to be weaned off them, so seeing me around the house with a pacifier in my mouth and a lots in my hands is the norm. I found it really hard to deal with and so at 12, to deal with that, I played as a baby when I was alone. For some reason it helped, I didn't know why and still don't but it did.

I never knew about ABDLs for a long time. I thought I was the only one.

It was okay hiding my ABDL side because my ABDL side was part of the normal me. I use sippy cups in and outside of the house, I have guard rails on my bed, I have "special" cutlery and bowls, my parents and family are used to my pacifiers, I wear adult "pull up nappies" for small accidents (not good for a big one though).

So as you can imagine, my normal life and my ABDL side are quite blurred and mixed together.

Anyway! I found out about ABDLs only a year ago (I think, I can't remember honestly). It was a mind blowing thing... to know I wasn't alone. And for a year, I basically stalked this forum... to scared to join and paranoid someone I know will find out (I'm still scared of that and at the moment, refuse to name any locations I've visited or lived at or upload any images of my room, items and, of course, my face.).

I joined the forum a few weeks after my parents and I watched an ABDL documentary. I was mortified when it as watching it with them. My mum was grossed out and couldn't stand them, she thought they were basically just perverts. My dad... he wasn't too bothered but he wasn't fond of it. My dad is really layed back and chilled (his response to me smoking pot was "well, have fun, I used to love smoking that back in my day! Just do it in a safe place.") so to see him react even slightly negatively to something scared me.

The documentary was I Am An Adult Baby/15 Stone Babies on Channel 4. We didn't see it in 2013 and actually watched it on DailyMotion. I don't know how my parents found it or why the decided to watch it, I reckon it was just a coincidence and nothing else.

Anyhow, I'm digressing...

When I joined the forum, I was worried people were going to be rude (I don't know why) or hate me. I'm a very talkative person and ramble. I also can come across as "strong"... people can get sick of me easily because I'm always there.

But my fears were squashed when everyone was so nice on my first post. I know I'm posting a lot of questions and stuff to the forum but I'm new and excited and I have so many questions and stuff to ask. I really want to become a trusted, involved member on this forum. I really want to be a part of ABDL groups and stuff.

My advice is shit, but I'm a nice person and willing to help anyone, anytime with anything.

Anyway, bye bye. Kai signing out.


  1. AdorableRabbit's Avatar
    I read it!

    Thanks for sharing your story. Lots of questions are natural when you're new!

    In no time you'll be answering noob questions, and trying to get folks to whitewash fences for you! ;-)
  2. Angellothefox's Avatar
    They are planty of communities that would ridicual you and be rude and hate you for your intrest @Babykai this is not one of them.
    For ITV they just had to search someone that was over weight. Now I am not saying that is a bad thing but out of all the Adult Babies they could have chosen they chose them. They could not have choice one that was a Doctor that saved lives. I find it a little cringe worthy myself so it just go's to show you exisise is important. Although he might have a condition.
    It is also common that some Adult Babies use baby time or cub time as a theroputic thing. It just makes people relax more and get away from the world for a while. I guess the feeling of knowing you do not need to worry about the toilet since one is strapped to you is a nice feeling for some. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.