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Dear diary...

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Soooo, I was planning to keep a traditional journal - and I even made a few entries - but this is far more convenient.

I'll admit, though, I'm reticent to put everything out here 'cos there some stuff I don't want anyone else hearing about 'cos it could cause trouble and that may be the stuff I put in the paper book; I digress...

How do you make someone love you as you love them?
Ridiculous, you can't.

You can either choose to walk away from that person and deal with the consequences, or you can choose to love them anyway even with their differences. (I have decided to go with the latter) Even if I don't agree with or like their choice, I can try to understand and accept it; hell, I can't bring myself to call much of anything 'weird' because I wear diapers and regress to babyhood and if there's stuff weirder than that, it's not by much - and she accepts THAT about me.

I should probably re-evaluate some things about this life, though. Agh, so hard to skirt around giving away personal stuff! Definitely one for the book.

Last night, I was wearing a cloth-backed diaper. I kind'a hated it, but I have several packages of that type left and waste not, want not. The wings always keep stretching 'til the fit is too loose - am I supposed to wear a onesie every time with these? Then I noticed that where it was wet was becoming chilly very fast - way unlike my preferred plastic-backed diapers. It wasn't entirely unpleasant, though. Just different.

Today, I woke up and put on my training pants and toddler jeans. Slipped my new kitty-cats-in-space tee shirt, suspenders, colorful rainbow socks and plaid flannel overshirt all to go to work... now I'm seeing where the benefit of those cloth-backed diapers lay; gotta remember I'm a big boy and not mess my big boy undies.

Agh, why can't I focus on anything today?

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