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RE: Transgender = mental illness ... Pt. 2

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How it differs from dysphoria

Dysphoria is a big word we use often. And it genuinely is the trademark of a transperson. It is extreme dissatisfaction and lack of functionality that comes with a body that does not sync up with your biological clock, and neurological alignment. And social reception is just the icing on the cake. We can all romanticize that we are the opposite gender. We all feel we have our feminine or masculine sides. Some more profound than others.

But if we can have sex and reproduce comfortably and feel “at home” in our bodies as a whole, from the skin, to the hair, to the genitals, than we can “Advertise” ourselves as masculine or feminine, but we necessarily don’t need procedures to function. I know plenty-a-masculine female and feminine male. They all considered the HRT approach, but if they were able to have sex and function without procedures, then, it just makes sense. They didn’t need it. I could have felt masculine and solved it socially with a simple conversation. Dysphoria runs deeper than that.

“But… but, Reaper! I am in touch with my feminine side. I get manicures. I trim my beard or my eyebrows. I’m fancy sometimes. Doesn’t that mean I’m leaning towards dysphoria?”

No. Those are just embellishments on the outside. That’s just a hygiene method that you have. If you fundamentally felt that you, on the inside, were “pink” instead of “blue”, and all of your “blue” components, your beard, your rough skin, your body hair, etc. made you feel like an alien in your own body, that’s dysphoria.

Dysphoria often manifests itself and wears many hats. I was diagnosed with the entire DSM-V and was hit with a neuroleptic lottery before I was able to clear all those diagnoses, and the medication, when we discovered I was simply trans, and the tree that was sprouting all of these mental illnesses… was extreme psychological dissatisfaction with my biological gender.

I developed depression around the same year I hit puberty. It morphed into anxiety. It morphed into paranoia. It morphed into Bipolar I. It morphed into borderline. It morphed into psychosis. It morphed into schizo-affective... I was taking enough pills to be full in the morning, and that 80 lb weight gain I talked about? No surprise there. These diagnoses were cleared by a long-term specialist, and I am no longer taking these meds, nor am I operating under these diagnoses in a healthcare setting. And I haven’t been for five years.

Maybe I should touch on the obvious...


There is no biological prospect for you to be a surgically-born ferret. There is no DNA
sequence to “queue” you into being a ferret later on in life. Hopefully, unless your mother fucked around with ferrets. If that’s the case, then, I’m sorry.

There is even some circulation in the works, from the DD-lg umbrella of ageplay (another reason why I resent them), where the littles are claiming to be “age-dysphoric” and trans-age. They are trying to set the wheels in motion for acceptance.

I know I could not function as a woman. I had to be a breadwinner, repair things, sexually penetrate others, have rough skin, and a deep voice, to feel “normal”. If you feel you cannot function as an adult, pay a bill, work a job, perform activities of daily living and govern your own affairs? Then you need a mental defective declaration, and to be a ward of the state. You don’t need fucking acceptance. Actual “age-dysphoric” people and those who are trans-age are those who are developmentally disabled. Keep making a circus sideshow out of those who are less fortunate. Shame on you.

So again, in summary, dysphoria is a lack of satisfaction that impairs you from functioning. It is the opposite of euphoria. It doesn’t have to be gender related. But the mental illness thing that seems to be a hot word on the gossip wire right now… that’s the “dysphoria”.

This is where the "mental illness" comes into play.

I will spiral down a path of sickness and insanity and general instability if you treat me overtly feminine. Baby girl is a “trigger” word for me that makes me physically retch in my stomach. I know that when a man treats me like a little girl, he’s treating me in a feminine manner. I know when a man pats me on the back and says “keep up the good work, boss” or “son” or “bud”, like a young dude, that is a healing gesture to me. I can honestly feel that building me up inside.

Being in my 20s, I have to accept that I am a bit of a kid to people I’m surrounded by. But there’s a level of comradery in an older man treating a younger man like a younger man, vs. an older man treating a young woman like a “girl”. There’s a lot of patriarchal nuances there. I have a zero tolerance policy for that. When presenting as an F, I was just fine and accepted it was part of the ticket of being a woman and another inconvenience to tolerate. Now, as an M, I understand men are going to shit-test me and muscle me off the side of the road, etc. That's part of the ticket of being a man. And that's just fine.

The “others” LGBT...qiaptzx...y? Oh no, that’s right. SJWs.

(This next portion of my post is heavily insensitive and opinionated, and why the preface is there. I understand, again, that I may be wrong, or an asshole in your eyes, but this is my method of thinking. A lot of genuine transpeople feel the same way.)

Some may come on here and speak about a “spectrum” of gender. I have grey-area feelings about this “spectrum” of gender, but there is no biological function that differentiates them, and they do not exist to me personally.

Also… I can’t really say I’ve ever heard of this phenomenon throughout American history. The gays and transfolk and queers have always been there. This shit hasn’t.

….However, middle-class helicopter and over-protective parenting is alive and well. And most of the people pulling new genders out of their ass everyday are bored, spoiled upper middle-class white kids who haven’t really endured much hardship or much struggle, and know they don’t have the oppression points to weigh in their word in a political debate. They feel they can usurp the identity of transpeople to compensate for those oppression points, because in the political theater today, oppression points are a grand acceptable currency.

But it is a common misconstruction to associate SJW’s with LGBT folk. They all claim they’re “Trans”. The transpeople are quietly going about their business as they always did. In 10 years when they’re still arguing about their fussy pronouns and their bogus identities, I’ll just be a dude.

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Below, is a video of one of my heroes, explaining the phenomenon as to why people are inclined to disrespect transpeople due to the SJW "movement".

But you are an AB, does that make you trans-age, too?



  1. ShippoFox's Avatar
    Though you seem to be trying to spread understanding of transgender issues, and you seem to have really put an exceptional bit of effort into this, I think some small sections are pretty hostile toward other ABs, people with high levels of social anxiety (which is more common than you think, and is not a reason for someone to be institutionalized.), and some other groups. I won't report you though since this is your blog, after all. I also admit that I may be misunderstanding some things & being a bit sensitive.

    I do agree with a lot of the other stuff you said.... but jeez... relax a little bit? I don't want to argue, but while you're spreading knowledge about some things, you're being kinda harsh and unfair about other things.... and what good does that do, really? Not everyone is going to feel exactly as you do, not even all transgenders. I can't make you listen to me, but it's best to inform people about something without going out of your way to insult another group. I think it distracts from the main message, although some might say there's some sort of shock value in it.

    I hope this isn't too annoying... I was kinda afraid to post it... and I don't want to start any trouble... Plus, you never know if anyone will respond to blog entries, so.... umm... at least you have a reply now! I hate when I type some huge thing and no one says a single thing. Though I think someone else will reply to this at some point.
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