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RE: Transgender = mental illness ... Pt. 1

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Wow. What a week this has been here. I haven't been chiming in as much as I like because I've been ostentatiously busy. But I can't say I've seen a site go the lengths it did, that this one has, to utterly blanket party someone who wants to shoot their mouth off with an opinionated misconception, and scruple with those trying to educate him. I was really impressed on the behalf of ADISC to make an example out of someone who was not only harmlessly ignorant and misinformed, but went the extra mile to take it to a rude degree. I do want to say thank you to the mods involved, including the star of that show.

For those of you not in the loop, he was responding to a thread I posted about how feminine, sexually harassing and infantilizing treatment by my trainer on the first day of my job made me, well, more than a little upset. I have played my part in reporting the offender, setting myself straight, and going about my business. I have also, since then, put this together that I hope will clear the air in what features in the world of transgenderism, and how it relates to "mental illness".

There have been a lot more questions and strange little remarks about what people on the forums think transgenderism is and what it isn't. So this tells me the controversy is far from settled. This is where I hope, this post, can come into play.

This took me 12 hours to write. Not all in one sitting. It probably takes about 8 minutes to read.


Recently I’ve come to the realization that some people are rigid pricks that are truthfully set in their ways. And I am no exception. Do understand that when I say I have some conservative notions here, that, I am only human, and not so much that I am willing and learn to change the way I think… I have learned, and I am not willing to change the way I think. And as a result, I am far willing to accept that there are people who are the same way.

Beyond the teenage years, our brains aren’t as ductile as they are today. You are far more impressionable in your youth, because, simply, your brain is more of a softer putty than when you age. By the time you’re 30, you are formed. The music you listen to is basically set, the books you prefer, all your fundamentals come together. Even today, if someone half my age on the internet tried to explain shit to me, they’d better pack a convincing punch to even leave a soft “chuff” in the way I think.

In summary, if you can’t understand what I’m telling you here, I can’t say you’re a bigot, I have my “bigoted” moments, too.

For a dynamic example... Some people, I just find, will never wrap their heads around adults in diapers for the joy of it.
As for me, I can never wrap my heads around people who morph into obese blobs for sexual gratification. For the sake of open-mindedness, if someone doesn’t agree with my diapers or manbaby play, I imagine how I feel when someone begs for me to understand their “feeder” or “obesity” fetish. I understand it. I just don’t like it. I understand people whose thyroids basically “break” and they spread out to take up their entire bed, or people with mesothelioma, with metabolic and circulatory system disruptions, and they’ve been disabled due to obesity and they DO not want to be there, and they did NOT eat like a madman.

As someone who was bullied for being a fat kid, and lost 80 lbs recently, and struggled with weight their entire lives, I have fundamental reasons why the “feeder fetish” makes me uncomfortable, far more utilitarian and useful to me than the sake of being politically correct or preserving your comfort.

Again, I understand it. I just don’t like it. Keep it far away from my eyes, please.

Same thing applies with being transgender.

A lot of peers think that having an open mind is blindly accepting and embracing any radical lifestyle conduct, be it… furries, infantilism, queer-ism, atheism, etc, but can’t say “no” to something that violates their moral boundaries. You have to draw the line somewhere. My line is drawn when people start inventing imaginary genders, claiming they’re “age-dysphoric”, or wanting to be surgically altered into an animal.

We, in the scientific society, are gradually grappling towards the understanding that: transgenderism, actually, is natural and healthy. It is healthy because it encourages the biological comfort and functionality of those affected. A woman who is forced to live in a man’s body will NOT prosper socially, will NOT thrive economically, and will NOT form functional relationships in friendship and marriage, etc. Who's to say its not impossible, as it has been done, but in a time when social roles were so stringent that EVERYBODY was self-repressing and having a bad time.

The biggest clue that this is being accepted as a "Real" phenomenon, is when gender reassignment surgery is no longer categorized as cosmetic, and is considered a vital quality-of-life enhancing procedure. This is one of many progressive advancements made.

Allow me to explain to you the simplicity of the transgender brain. I do not “perceive” myself as a man, I do not “feel” I am a man, I do not “think” I am a man. Even if my rationale was valid for this, and even with prejudice off the table, transgender people are seen as a “special” and “sensitive” breed, because they are thought to make surgical, life-altering decisions about the way they “think” “perceive” or “feel”.


The basis of transgenderism is more genetic than psychological. Transgender children statistically do emerge from a deformed or otherwise defective fetus, usually have siblings in the LGBT spectrum, and usually have older mothers. Just as people on the ASD spectrum have older fathers.

This is not a grasping-at-straws, cause-does-not-equal correlation scenario. You can originate from this background, and not be trans. And vice versa. But the statistics and the studies are there. There are “genetic” risk factors at play.

How trans babby is form (genetic causation)

In a proper formation of an embryo, the brain’s “code” is developed before the genitalia. The brain is supposed to be formed to think like a gender, to regulate hormones of that gender, and to “protect” from androgens from the “opposite” gender. Transgender people miss that vital, small process while in formation.

My mind never was shrouded in a “pink force field” that solidified my neurological formation as a woman. When tested, I was shown to have higher levels of testosterone that were increasing with time. I had already formed a bit of a larger “piece” downstairs and already had fuzzies on my face prior to testosterone. I thought it was just PCOS, but on a biological and physiological level, my body was prepping me for a latent manhood. I was always masculine and opted for masculine preferences and masculine perspectives, but I thought it was just a coincidence of our revolutionary time period and perhaps it just who I was.

Part 2 is continued in another post due to a character limit.

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