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Life is good

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So, um, hello! I'm Songnar from North Texas and I've been an ABDL since age 5 (currently 28, wowzer!)

When I was 24 I met the most amazing woman ever and we've been together since.

October of 2016, we had a fight and she asked me what I was really into and, well, I told her about how I was an AB/DL; referred her around to some places for more info, including ADISC, actually!

Fast-forward a bit past the initial shock and adjustment and, well, life is good.

I'm not hiding anything from my sweetheart anymore - just last night, she fell asleep early and I went and got padded up and snuggled with her; woke up early at 6am and she put on cartoons in bed on her tablet. These are some of my favorite moments.

Life... life is good.

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