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Momento Mori

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It's Ash Wednesday, so traditionally a time to reflect on one's mortality and how you feel about the way you live your life. It's also the start of Lent, which can be a time to fast from something in order to be more mindful of your relationships and commitments, or as a way to create new habits.

I guess it's the medieval version of new year's resolutions...

This year I find I entered the spirit of the fleetingness of life early. Just a few months ago I took some big steps in self acceptance and being fully open and honest with my wife about my ABDL side. I also become open minded enough to look at that whole 'furry scene' without prejudice. Lo and behold it turns out there's something here that I resonate deeply with as well.

I couldn't have done either of these things had I been wrapped up in worldly values... I had to let go of what society had programmed me with, and the self hatred that came along with it.

Because I've lived so much of my life denying part of myself, not for a good purpose, but out of fear and conformity, I've decided as part of my Lenten observance this year will be a positive commitment to adding something into my life. These tend to be way harder. I'm committing my time to other people in my life, to spend with them, to be there for them, basically to make sure I'm investing presence in a way that I've found easy to selfishly overlook.

With my wife that's time for her needs and interests (no! not *just* that kind you filthy minded curs!!!), with my kids it's booking the time to finish reading the Prydain series to them (also Ima gonna train them to ink and color my SFW artwork bwahahaha). The same for my other friends and family. Of course I do this already, but I'm seeking to take a thoughtful account of how much, and during this season make a habit of a meaningful increase.

Of course, Zelda comes out this weekend ... so like, thank God Sunday is a day of rest!


  1. ShippoFox's Avatar
    Looking forward to playing that someday! not in a hurry though. I have a Wii U... but my brother is getting it for his new Switch... and I don't plan to get a Switch until later this year, or next year... something like that. I'll borrow his copy when I finally get a Switch.

    Wargroove looks really good... similar to advance wars! But it's supposed to come to PC, so I'll likely get that version... more friends to play with that way. If I really like it enough... maybe I'll get the other one someday too, who knows?

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