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Just some thoughts

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That's all this will be, some thoughts that I had marked by hyphens.
-I've bought a lot of new and old music since I got a job. It's really nice to buy the music I want.
-I should probably have my car examined, I was in a car accident about a month ago that was pretty scary. I don't think anything is wrong with the car, I should just make sure.
-I've noticed as I've gotten older I've become more masculine and less feminine (as you'd expect) but it's more recent than anything else. The diaper is the only thing left of my 'sissy' personality trait.
-I adore John Denver's music which is odd because I usually dislike country music. If he hadn't died in a plane crash, I'd have loved to meet the old man he would have been.
-Furry still going strong, I really love the community for the most part aside from 'popufurs' which is a term I hardly ever use because I'm more of a... real word kind of guy.
-I stopped watching porn entirely, I quit watching the real stuff ages ago, but now even my furry interest has been pretty SFW. Could be reflective of positive changes?
-I'm more sure of who I am now than I used to be.
-I sing better than I did, I can hear myself sing better than most. I know I still have improvements, but it (my voice) sounds better than it used to, I sing a lot when I drive.
-My diagnosis of BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), moderate depression, a major depressive episode, social/general anxiety, and suicidal tendencies, has probably improved and I should ask my therapist to re-diagnose me to see if I'm still any or some of these... anxiety for sure though.
-I'm more receptive to people who've been blunt in the past, I give them a chance to explain themselves better if I don't understand. I still disapprove of the method, as it doesn't always work, especially not with me.
-My faith has gotten stronger and I feel like I want to pursue apologetics, I really feel I can do some good with other Christians and those who are questioning.
-I'm not sad about being single anymore, I feel it gives me the opportunity to improve myself as a person.
-ADISC is still important to me so I donate from time to time, I'd hate to see it ever go.
-Though my future is uncertain, I'm more at peace with it.

And that is all for now.

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