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staying diapered while on vacation

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Last time I traveled with diapers was a 5 day vacation. I packed a second suitcase just for diapers. Count your days and pack what you need, and add a few extra. I was going to be there for 5 days / 4 nights, so I packed 4 safari and a space for nights, plus 6x2 preschool for daytime wear. I also packed a construction drum liner, air freshener, talc, lotion, and a roll of duct tape, as well as a box of 1gal ziplocs. (you may want to pick something special for your return trip home too, I ended up wearing my space one night and drove home in a Safari!) The ziplocs were there to help provide longer term odor control for my (soaked!) overnight diapers, and they along with the dry daytime diapers all got stowed in the drum liner bag Drum liners are great because they're super thick and no odor seeps out, plus they are very durable and the top corners of ziplocs can't jab a hole in them like they often do with cheap kitchen bags.

I also pack a towel/bath sheet to have something to lay down on the floor when diapering. (bathrobe can work okay for this too) I use a lot of talc, and although I set down my open diaper below me when powdering up, it rarely catches it all and that helps keep me from leaving talc on the floor. (this can be a problem if the room you're in has say, a dark colored rug)

And just to press the point, I didn't pack any underwear. Although I wear close to 24/7 back at home, I will sometimes change out if I have some reason. So I kinda enjoyed the idea of being "forced to wear diapers all week."

Keep in mind that wet diapers weigh a lot, especially if you have a lot of them. Last time I went on vacation was for 9 days / 8 nights, and my second suitcase was extremely heavy by the time I was loading back up the car for the return trip. And "If you thought all those diapers in the suitcase were taking up a lot of room, just wait till a bunch of them are wet and swollen up!" Make sure you have the space in your suitcase for all the used diapers, or some other way to dispose of them while you're "on location". And obviously don't fly back with a suitcase of wet diapers.

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