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um, this came to mind I don't know

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Under the blanket of anhedonia.
False warmth, blurry dysphoria.
No saline left with which to clean their hands.
Ever righteous mine sons of man.
Fallen slowly one by one.
Never thinking, slowly sinking.
Drowning, silent, lungs are filling.
Embraced by blinding light, a worsening feeling.
Preference to see none, clarity forced upon all..
Tattered, faded, this old shawl.

Closing contact with a chapter.
Looking back, devoid of laughter.
Never will they find this soul.
Contact lost too long ago.
Taken by mine and hidden away.
My gem, my pearl, His life today.
Only here must He remain.
To leave, to tread upon new soil?
Concepts lost to this Pixie.
Betwixt my wit, betwixt my being.
My loves, my collection, ever fleeting..
One by one all fade into gray..
Never returning to me!
This feeling!
I seek...

A void to fill, I glance to you!
Will you become, won't you stay too?

I invite you into this, our foggy nightmare.
That you may attempt at shedding light here.
Lose yourself and you shall see!
The faceless door entwined behind thee.
To judge your journey, appoint we you no attorney!
Embrace you this, an endless tourney.
Climb my vines, climb my tower.
Hurry hurry! Losing hours..

For those of us lost long ago.
The light we seek, ever so..
Fleeting fading, forgotten with time.
Ever embraced, will be this love of mine.
Escape He shall not.
For He shall never reach the top!

Umm, to be continued? I think my pixie has more to say. But she's gone silent today. Maybe I can tell this story over time~ A pixie fallen, Her broken mind!

Updated 17-Feb-2017 at 13:17 by gigglebutt


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