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Genuinely pooped myself today. Not happy.

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I guess this is the place for talking about this kinda stuff. I've had urine control issues on and off for a long time, and go through periods of wearing 24/7 to avoid embarrassing situations. Today, I hadn't had a genuine accident for a few days, so i decided to skip diapers and roll the dice on regular panties. Bad idea. I didn't pee myself, I pooped. Thought I had to fart, turned out to be really soft poop, and I ruined my underwear. Though I'm not particularly bothered by having urine issues, and willingly choose to wear diapers when pads would usually do fine, poop is not something I enjoy. It was fucking embarrassing. While I did tell my boyfriend, because we like to be open, I am incredibly glad I was alone when it happened.

So, lesson learned. I'm back in diapers, and I won't be risking another regular underwear day for quite some time.

It's like the universe literally decided to punish me for trying to be normal
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  1. Maxx's Avatar
    It was us. We all got together in a telepathic pool and thought-pooped you.
  2. emii's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx
    It was us. We all got together in a telepathic pool and thought-pooped you.
    Well gee, thanks for that, it's nice to be thought of, but if you could refrain from doing it again though, I would really appreciate it. I did not have a fun valentine's day :/
  3. Maxx's Avatar
    Sorry. My bad. Trying in my own occasionally clumsy way to share your pain. Wouldn't want you to think nobody noticed.
  4. emii's Avatar
    I appreciate the support! But you can support me without mind-messing my pants

    >did you poop your pants?
    >no, it was maxx.
  5. MarchinBunny's Avatar
    Sorry to hear, I know how that can be pretty embarrassing. It's happened to me on more than one occasion.
  6. emii's Avatar
    Thanks, admittedly it isn't the first time this has happened to me, but it's one of the worst, and the first in a long time.

    It was jarring enough to merit breaking in my blog, anyway.
  7. gigglebutt's Avatar
    Everybody poops!

    Sorry to hear this happened to ya. It's not very reassuring when the first time you decide not to wear diapers something like this happens, is it? - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.