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What if.

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When you realise how insufficient and pointless everything, is why have hope, we are all going to die, our lives are all meaningless in the end, because when we die that is it.

Without friends my legacy won't ever survive, I'll be another statistic, people will forget me, and move on, even while I'm alive, I'm insufficient useless and my whole life is pointless, if people don't want anything to do with me, or bother remembering my name what is the point.

A friend of mine decided to ignore me, block me, and better yet have nothing to do with me over something I never did, his brother (I assume) decided to dob his parents in for doing marijuana) for some reason I assume they have put the blame on me, obviously I don't give two shits, and don't want to ruin someones life over something so fucking stupid. His brother is the most narcissistic cunt you'll ever come across.

but obviously whenever something happens, even If I know nothing about it, it's automatically my fault, I don't care if people do drugs I'm not going to dob someone in for drug use, that's too low.

The world is seriously so fucked up, I never get praise or recognition, while other people can get praise or recognition for things that I don't think they deserve it for, you don't let me fix your computer, but you let person B fix there computer than suck there dick like there a genius yet you purposely did that.

Honestly I don't care too much about my life, or about myself, I'm just waiting and hoping I get struck by something, murdered, hit by a car, I don't care.

I'm somewhat suicidal lately, but in a way, where I don't care too much what happens to me, if I die tomorrow, meh it happens not much I can do I'll rather die suddenly than have to live this shitty life.


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    I've never thought much about legacy. When I'm done, plastic bag at the curb on garbage day as far as I'm concerned. I suppose I'll be remembered by a few for a few things, but those things would likely surprise me if I knew about them. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.