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Stress sucks.. (warning language)

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So yeah, as the title says.. I'm like totally fucking stressed right now. Why am I stressed? Cause of all the negative shit in my life that has happened recently...

Lets see, about 4-5 weeks ago a close friend of mine was shot.. hes still in the hospital, and will be for 2 weeks. Everybody was worried for me, more then him. I don't know why

On top of that, I get death treats. People gonna shoot me, stab me, murder me etc. It's just too much, even my mom is stressed over it. We've gone to the police, but they wont do jack all. Fucking pricks. I don't know why people want to kill me, I hang out with my group of friends, barely speak to them as is. It's fucking lame, and scary..

Then I got kicked out of school recently, because I was avoiding it due to all the treats I've been getting. I told the principal, a counselor , and the school cop. They all fucking laughed in my face. So I avoided it like hell.

Plus, a few days ago me, my mom, stepdad, and my aunt and uncle were talking about my school situation, and they all said they wish I'd get shot and killed. WHAT THE FUCK!? Who the hell would say that to their son/nephew? Seriously, It fucking hit me hard, I cried for an hour and a bit..

And just today I found out, if a mortgage payment don't go through, I could be homeless at the end of the month.

Lastly, I've been having horrible nightmares lately.. some are days from my past.. which include the day I watched my friend shoot himself (I was 8 or 9 at the time) and the time when I found my cousins body in my uncles barn (I was 12, and we were close) plus, there is other dreams.. like my close friends are getting beheaded and the heads are falling onto my lap then I get stabbed by stuff and die... It's keeping me up, I barely sleep anymore.. I fucking hate it...

tl;dr Life sucks.

(Copied from my FA + I apologize for all the swearing)


  1. Mazza's Avatar
    i can't help you with any of this, but if i lived close by, i would visit you whenever i could and try my best to help you through this. i would glomp you daily and, well do my best to help, not much else to do, maybe let you live with me if i could :P have a present
    ive nev3er got it that bad, to bad Mr.Alex couldn't keep it for too long...we will always miss him.....;(

    listen to some atreyu or coldpay, i listen to them and they calm me down a bit.

    i just wanna diaper you and make thing all better XD
  2. Falkio's Avatar

    I'm sorry to hear this my friend. I wish there was something I could do to help (and if there is, just let me know). Have you ever thought about running away? Or seeking emancipation? Why not plot a course and hike for a big city, get a job as a tradesman and live your life free? I'm not even kidding.

    As for the death threats, keep a knife on you at all times - even if your with friends. Don't take shit from any gangbanger. Break the man's jaw if you have to. The school thing will be hard to fix until these guys leave you alone.

    Like I've said before, don't do anything reckless. Keep yourself safe. Just two more years to go! Then you can leave home and pursue your own goals, and not those beset upon you by your controllers.

    Also consider joining a political party. It helps you get by to discuss ideals with other people like you.

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