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We are not getting the full AB/DL ABDL Little experience!

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Hello everyfurry this is Angello the fox here and I am here to talk about how we are not getting the full AB/DL ABDL Little experience in abdl nurseries!
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So Adult Baby Diaper Lover Nurseries love them or hate them you can not deny it is a big part of the abdl comunity and it is a nice treat when you save up enough money to go.
You might have already someone looking after all your baby needs and I say well done. You may have a paid babysitter to watch you and look after you and so be it what ever floats your boat. But weather you are meeting new people at the nursery, Or you want to treat yourself, Or you already have someone to look after all your baby needs but want to try a abdl nursery anyway. Or you want to try it. Or you just want to find out what experience you can have the abdl nurseries have you covered.BE AWARE THAT I HAVE NOT ASKED @MOO THE ADMIN ABOUT THIS SO ALL NURSERIES WILL NOT BE DESCUSED ON A ACOUNT THAT I COULD BE BREAKING THE RULES! IN ADDITTION THEY ALSO WILL BE NO LINKS TO ANY NURSERY I TELL YOU ABOUT!

So you are going through some adult nurseries and trying to find the best one in your contrey and you are bound to come across this! "We do not change messy diapers but we will change wet ones for free!"
First of all what are you doing! You are putting a boundary down when it is not necessary sure don't hit people or do anything illigle but why no dirty or messy diapers? Isn't that the whole point of a diaper. Now I am not saying this is a bad thing some ABDL nurseries managed to make it into a potty training experience like the one in LONDON. And sure it is OK if a friend says no messy diapers because it is his house/flat and they can have boundries. But not letting ABDL's mess themselves is a different matter internally!

I see this time after time again in the adult baby diaper lover nurseries where it has vass erange of things including something naughty for the kinkier abdl's and littles out there and they is still a rule of not making your diaper dirty or messing your diaper. For goodness sake People save up money too go to a adult baby nursery and expected to be treated like a baby and then they get treated like a toddler by someone saying oops you can not poop your diaper! Some go as far as public humiliation and no no no! That is not a good thing That is a bad thing In the ABDL Nursery in LONDON if you mess your diaper you will no longer be able to attend and go to the ABDL nursery down in LONDON! Not only that but you will have to wear the diaper that you used out of the building and your not allowed too take it off! Intill you get home obviously but she makes her point! Besides if she is not following you you can always slip into a toilet to take it off! But still it is quite a extreme way to go for doing what any baby would usually do in their nappy!

Too many ABDL nurseries do the no messing rule and it is just rediculas! And it is defiantly not giving you the full ABDL experience!

Other ABDL nurseries do allow you to use your diapers which in a way is good because they is no limit and you can wet and mess and COST EXTRA!
Yes if your time paying to be in a adult nursery was not taxing enough it will cost you to get your nappy changed or at least use it
So how do they do it well if you want to use your nappy it cost extra or if you want a change it will cost extra. They is a ABDL nursery that stated it cost extra to have your nappy changed. It was kind of hard to avoid it as well since they put laxitives in the food and bottles to make you feel like you was a baby out of control! Try going to the toilet with a bunch of laxatives weighing you down

Basically this nursery forced you to use your nappy in a way weather you liked it or not. For AB's that is. I am sure this is not the only ABDL nursery out their at charges extra for diaper changes. When I was a baby and I made otto in my diaper my mum did not turn around and said that will be a extra 10.00 please. Look I know it is expensive to run a nursery! I know if you live in Briton you get Bedroom tax but try and find another way because this is more closer to prostitution then anything else since you are paying them for a service you like!

And finally I will leave you with a note that one of the abdl nurseries said about diapers "I will not change diapers because it is illegal"


  1. Trevor's Avatar
    No one owes us anything more than they contract for. If they don't want to change messy diapers, that's their call, regardless of the money involved.
  2. WillWheatThins's Avatar
    It really bugs me that people feel like they are being "denied" a "full baby" experience when others set boundaries. Look, if you want a full baby experience with messy diapers and a mommy who changes you, then that's something you need to work very hard at manifesting in your life. This outrage you have for an industry that barely exists in the first place is really counter-productive. Like Trevor said, nobody owes you (or the ABDL community at large) anything. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.