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Why Going Green Should Just Be For St. Patrick's Day!

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I'm not really a tree hugger, and sometimes I hate how things change to "save our environment". My question is: Do they really? Or are we making our lives miserable for nothing?

So yeah, here's my list of rants (not that I'm trying to be mean or anything).

[LIST][*]Yeah, I know you drive a Prius, but have you forgotten about what kind of stuff they use to make those batteries that hybrids have? On top of that, new cars are made out of raw materials, which come from somewhere.[*]People who drive 55mph on the highway to go an extra 5 miles on their gas tank (A: that speed limit was designed when cars and big rigs got the same mileage, and B: is it really worth it having someone's great-grandmother FLIP YOU OFF?)[*]The thing against bottled water (or other drinks); it makes me thirsty just arguing how stupid banning it is.[*]Organic food...last time I knew, if it was inorganic, it wasn't edible and i'd be eating the table. (what I'm saying is...don't call the FOOD that!)[*]People who give up their cars as an environmental statement (I could see surviving without a car in New York City or something like that, but in most other places, surviving on mass transit is unrealistic...and there are some things you do need your own car for)[/LIST]


  1. Goose's Avatar
    Here are my list of arguments (not that I'm trying to be mean or anything).

    1. Well hell, I'm in the market to buy a new car right now. Besides getting government rebates to buy a hybrid, there's also the fact that eventually it will pay itself off in saved gas. I'm buying a new car either way, but the eco-friendly one helps the earth.
    2. I agree.
    3. Hmm. If you really want to spend more money. :/
    4. Nah, there's a different between inorganic and organic. Inorganic means that it wasn't grown without pesticides and fertilizers.
    5. Why is it unrealistic? Plenty of people do it. What kinds of things do you need your own car for that a public bus or a bicycle wouldn't afford you?
  2. Pojo's Avatar
    I'm not a green person. I'm going to let my kids deal with these problems.

    I'm in the market for getting a new car too, but I don't care if it's a hybrid. Sure, good gas mileage would be nice, but as long as the car looks good to me, and isn't a minivan (what I drive), then I don't care as much.

    Driving the highway speed limit on the highway is more dangerous than speeding. Me and my friend went 55 on it, and literally EVERONE passed us. There was not a single person that went the same speed as us. I was actually a little fearful of my life.

    I prefer bottled water. The taste isn't really different, between tap, or I don't mind either, but I would rather have bottled for the convenience.

    I prefer to just get food that I know I like. I don't really try organic and all that.

    People who give up their cars for bikes/walking, have jobs/school/whatever in a reasonable distance for walking/biking. If you need the highway to get to work, or it's really far away, then I don't see someone giving up their car
  3. quattrus's Avatar
    I agree with some of your points, expecially 1 - new cars produce pollution even before being sold, since their production is an industrial process that produces wastes - 4 and 5 - in the end, cars are only the cause of a small percentage of pollution, like 10% of the total, while the main part comes from factories and heating systems. A lot of the things that should help "saving the environment" are often just a way to make someone's wallet grow thicker.

    But I have to disagree with a couple of things:

    2. The fuel consumption of a moving vehicle, due to aerodynamical issues, increases exponentially with speed. One of the cars I drive, at 55/60 mph makes over 22 kilometers with one liter of gas (that is more or less 14 miles with 0,2 gallons). Go just 15/20 mph faster than that, and you'll have sensibly increased the consumption. It's not a matter of being environmentalists, it's just being able to avoid wasting fuel (=money) to get somewhere 5 or 10 minutes before. If granny's in a hurry, just let her go!

    3. Water is just plain H20, in Europe, in Usa and everywhere else. But, at least in Italy, there are companies that make their money exporting their "fine" bottled water overseas. Is it logical? Or would it be more logical to use some simple water depurator in every house instead of moving huge quantities of bottled water? - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.