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First time trying "real" AB diapers

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A couple weeks ago, I decided to order some samples of premium ABDL diapers. I have a roommate this year, so I couldn't keep a regular supply and expect to use them all, so I just ordered a 2-pack of Rearz Safaris and an ABU sample with Super Dry Kids and LittlePawz diapers. I've had them buried in my dresser for awhile, waiting for the chance to use them. My roommate unexpectedly went home this weekend, so I decided to try out the Super Dry Kids. Thoughts below:

I chose the Super Dry Kids for two reasons: First, I want to get rid of the ABU diapers ASAP. I decided to order them scented, so the smell of baby powder is pretty notable near my dresser, even when I have them sealed. Second, I'd heard that two-tape diapers fit slender builds better than 4 tapes, plus I'm really bad at putting on diapers. I'd been wearing Abena M4s as my main diaper until I went back to college, and they'd always end up bulging in a weird way.

I put the diaper on around 10AM or so. I had to walk around in public a little bit- obviously, this was intentional. It was only about 20 minutes of walking, nothing serious. Plus 10AM is the college morning, nobody is out. I got pretty sweaty "down there," as should be expected from walking around in one of the thickest plastic-backed diapers on the market. Once I got back, I took my pants off to air out the waistband a little bit, then put them back on to go down for lunch. I hadn't used it at that point- I was trying to hold it as long as I could. Worked out pretty nicely. I finally wet my diaper for the first time once I went back to my room, and I'd drank a 32oz bottle of water the night before (and had one on-hand). I set down to play Battlefield 4 in my diaper for a few hours- I didn't have any more major wettings, put several minor ones at about 20-minute intervals (after each match, basically). It was pretty fun, but... I made the mistake of expecting a bit *too* much out of it, and it leaked on our "couch" >_< (its actually the back seat to the old family car, so it doesn't exactly smell the best anyways). I quickly took my diaper off and put it in a plastic bag for disposal before changing back into normal clothes.

A couple thoughts on it: I liked how Abenas had the double-layer tapes for adjustments or changing, so I was kinda bummed to see that Super Dry Kids didn't have them. But the tapes were pretty good to me, and even though I had to adjust them twice, they mostly held just fine. Plus it had an extra plastic covering over the shell (there's a real term for it I'm sure), so removing the tapes didn't tear at it like on Abenas. The tapes were plenty stable through several adjustments, though the right one did come out towards the end of its use, after the diaper had swollen so much. They fit me better than M4s, since I'm a pretty skinny guy (~30-32 inch waist). That said, the two-tape design was a bit underwhelming to me. I'm pretty bad at putting on diapers, but either the legs would be too loose or the waistband would hang open, no matter how I adjusted them. That's my only real complaint, though.

Since I got them scented, I never got the notable urine smell that I always seemed to get in other diapers. I'm a sucker for thickness, and they felt waaaay thicker than M4s (and the plastic-backed M4s are pretty high up there in thickness, really). I could walk pretty normally without a notable waddle when they were dry, but that's a totally different story while wet. M4s have a pretty high capacity for their price range, but they barely swell at all. Super Dry Kids almost comically balloon up after heavy usage. I love it. I'd say they didn't hold as much as I would hope, but that's probably my fault, since I drank 64 ounces of water, plus a glass of Powerade to stimulate urine production.

All in all, I can safely say I loved this diaper. Great first impression for ABU. I might make it my go-to once I'm in a position to regularly wear again, but I want to try my other options first, given its two-tape design. LittlePawz are probably up next when I get a day alone, but I also have 2 Safaris to try. To my understanding, LittlePawz have more capacity, plus they're 4-taped. The design is cute because I'm a maybe-maybe not babyfur, but I don't like the checkermark design on the wings. Safaris are super amazing in every way, but with a price to match.

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